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Christine Chiu Net Worth 2022: Husband & Assets Explored

Christine Chiu is a reality television personality and philanthropist. She is most known for her appearance in Netflix’s 2021 reality show “Bling Empire”, which tells the stories of Asian-Americans who are extremely wealthy. Their humanitarian efforts are extensive, and Christine serves on numerous boards. Here you will find information about Christine Chiu bio, net worth, age, height, weight, career and relationships. Christine Chiu Net Worth 2022: Husband & Assets Explored.

Christine Chiu Personal Life

After graduating from Pepperdine University in the United States with a degree in international business, Christine Chiu began working in public relations. Christine Chiu, who was born on December 13, 1982, will be 39 years old in 2022. She has a Christian family. At the time of her birth, her full name was Christine Alexandra Chiu. She earned a bachelor’s degree in International Business Management from Pepperdine University.

Christine Chiu Career

A board-certified plastic surgeon, Gabriel Chiu is married to Christine Chiu. At the University of California Berkeley, he studied microbiology and immunology, and at the Pacific-Western University of Health Sciences, he obtained his osteopathic medicine degree.


In 2021, Netflix web series “Bling Empire,” she rose to fame after being an unknown TV host and actress in her early career.

Christine Chiu Net Worth

She is married to celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Gabriel Chiu and has a son, Baby G, together. They were born in Taiwan and attended Pepperdine University for college. In addition to founding Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery with her husband Gabriel, Christine and Gabriel each have a net worth of around $80 million.

The ‘Bling to Empire’ series portrays Christine as an expert in “couture” lifestyles, where she spends lavishly on clothes and art. In addition to her philanthropic efforts, she is said to serve on several nonprofit boards and donates half of every net dollar the plastic surgery center receives “back to the community.”

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In 2014, Gabriel and Christine purchased Beverly Hills property for $4.55 million from billionaire Russell Simmons, who lived there previously with ex-wire Kimora Lee Simmons. In 2015, Gabriel and Christine put the house on the market for $10.5 million. The house was bought by Zoe Saldana for $8.7 million in May 2016.

Who is the Husband of Christine Chiu?

Dr. Gabriel Chiu proposed to Christine Chiu in Beverly Hills in 2006. She grew up in Taiwan, and she was born in Taiwan. The Chius are devout Christians who regularly attend the Bel Air Presbyterian Church. Their daughter Christine is also involved in a number of charitable organizations. Gabriel Chiu is a well-known celebrity cosmetic surgeon. They are passionate about giving back to their community. Gabriel is called “Baby G,” and the family has a dog named Kokonut, an American Eskimo.

Christine Chiu, the clinic’s operations manager, is a direct descendant of the Song Dynasty. Currently, Gabriel and Christine live in Malibu and Bel-Air, respectively.

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