When Is ‘Control Z’ Season 3 Coming Out: What We Know


The Latin-American series Control Z, which is produced in Mexico and stars Spanish speakers, will be coming to an end in July 2022 with the release of season 3. Netflix has also stated that it will be the final season of the show. Carlos Quintanilla Sakar, Adriana Pelusi, and Miguel García Moreno developed Control Z two years ago when it debuted on Netflix in May 2020.

The first season of the show is based off of a novel published in 2016, and it aired on Netflix from May to August 2018. The second season will be released on Latin American Netflix accounts on April 28th, 2022 and will premiere on July 6th, 2022. Ana Valeria Becerril, Ana Sofía Gatica, Michael Ronda, Andrés Baida, Macarena García, Rodrigo Cachero, Patricio Gallardo have all been confirmed to return for the next season. When Is ‘Control Z’ Season 3 Coming Out: What We Know.

Why won’t Control Z return for a season 4?

The final season of Control Z, as previously stated, will be Season 3. This was announced by Netflix in their preview of upcoming Latin American shows where they stated:

“We also have new seasons of fan-favorite series like the Mexican productions Rebelde (Season 2), Daughter From Another Mother (Season 3), Control Z and Who Killed Sara?, (third and final seasons for both), as well as the Argentinean productions El Reino (Season 2 coming soon) and El Marginal (Season 5).”

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Although Netflix has not stated why the program will not be returning for a fourth season, we do know that shows on the site are having difficulties achieving beyond a third season. It’s possible that they’ve decided that a third season is an appropriate time to call it quits.

The series has attracted a large following since its debut, becoming the most streamed program on Amazon Prime Video in both the US and UK. Season 1 got a “datedoc” when it was announced that 20.5 million people had watched it in the first 28 days of availability. Since then, we’ve not been able to get much data because there have only been two seasons.

In the map below, you can see that the program performed naturally well in Mexico, as well as maintained its position in the top 10s across Latin America. Control Z is not the only Spanish-language show to conclude in 2022.

Who Killed Sara? concludes with season 3 in May 2022, Valeria will wrap up after its third season, and Sky Rojo will also conclude later this year.

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