Who Is The Husband Of Kate Hudson, Danny Fujikawa?


Danny Fujikawa proposed to his girlfriend, Kate Hudson, and she revealed the news on Instagram with a sweet shot. She captioned this kiss photo “Let’s go! Despite the fact that she kept the news of her engagement under wraps for a while, she announced it on September 13. She also wore her sparkling diamond ring to the Met Gala.

That’s what Kate and Danny’s story is all about. They’ve known each other for a long time, and it has paid off handsomely. Danny, 35, is the best man at her wedding (and baby daddy). Here are all you need to know about Danny Fujikawa, who used to be a friend of Kate’s and became her fiancé as well as baby daddy after their relationship proved itself in 2010. Who Is The Husband Of Kate Hudson, Danny Fujikawa?

Kate Hudson And Danny Fujikawa

Kate has two children, Ryder Russell Robinson, 17, and Bingham Hawn Bellamy, 10, from previous relationships with Chris Robinson and Matt Bellamy, respectively. She also has a daughter named 2 who is the result of a one-night stand she had with Danny. For them to make blended family life work in their own unique way, Kate and Danny have found a method.

“If I have to go to a dinner meeting, he can be home,” Kate told WH. “His number one priority is family. And when we have our disputes, I feel the thing that allows us to get through them is having the same ultimate goal, and that includes being in each other’s life. It just feels so nice.”

Danny Fujikawa Is A Very Supportive Family

Without the assistance of her partner, Glee actress Lea Michele, Kate Hudson wouldn’t be able to keep up with her hectic schedule. She’s an actor, business mogul, and mother of three who still finds time for self-care and three to four workouts a week.

However, without some help from her fiancé, things might have been a lot more difficult. “I’ve got the best man,” Kate previously told Women’s Health. “It’s the first time I feel like I have a real teammate in this. We’re able to pick up where the other one has to leave off.”

Danny Fujikawa Children

On top of a pink background, the actress posted a simple Instagram photo that read: “10-2-18” in grey letters. According to Kate, they decided to name their daughter Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa. It’s their first kid together, by the way.


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“We have decided to name our daughter Rani (pronounced Ronnie) after her grandfather, Ron Fujikawa. Ron was the most special man who we all miss dearly. To name her after him is an honor,” Kate wrote in her announcement post.

She added: “Everyone is doing well and happy as can be. Our family thanks you for all the love and blessings that have been sent our way and we send ours right back.”

They were very excited for Rani’s arrival. She told People that she “looks forward to having feminine energy” around. Her brothers, Oliver Hudson and Wyatt Russell, also confirmed that they were ecstatic about their impending arrival.

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