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Dream Face Reveal

Minecraft star Dream recently appeared in a heartfelt and honest interview with popular YouTuber Anthony Padilla, much to the delight of fans across the globe.

The 21-year old faceless sensation recently sat down for an entertaining and intensely memorable interview with Anthony Padilla of “Smosh” fame.

Known for his popular “I spent a day” series, the latter’s latest YouTube video revolved around a candid conversation with one of the biggest names not only in Minecraft, but also in the realm of streaming i.e Dream.

The faceless sensation’s wholesome session with the YouTuber was replete with heartfelt revelations about his unprecedented growth in popularity, his journey as a Minecraft streamer so far and the baggage that comes along with being a virtual behemoth in today’s digital age.

Within moments of its release, the simmering hype surrounding the Dream x Anthony Padilla interview triumphantly erupted on Twitter, with scores of fans flocking to the platform to rave about the same.

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Dream Face Reveal

Anthony Padilla’s recent interaction with Dream led to some fun and insightful revelations about the faceless streamer’s persona beyond the realm of Minecraft.

From delving into the origins of his popular Manhunt series to sharing his thoughts on the popularity of the Dream SMP, Anthony Padilla’s latest interview provided an immersive glimpse into the life of one of the most popular content creators today.

On being asked about his unprecedented growth in popularity.

Who Is Dream?

From going gaga over the stunning animation work done by digital artist JESPERISH to the hilarious shoutout to his pet cat Patches, right at the end, it seems like fans have been served a treasure trove of wholesome Dream content.

As reactions and views continue to come in thick and fast, it looks like Anthony Padilla might have just delivered one of his biggest videos yet, thanks to the presence of the online streaming behemoth known as Dream.

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