Faye’s boyfriend, Custer, turns villain in Euphoria season 2 finale


Faye’s boyfriend, Custer, turns villain in Euphoria s2 finale. In the season two finale of the HBO series Euphoria, Faye’s (Zendaya) boyfriend Custer (Hunter Schafer) turns out to be a villain. He drugs her and rapes her, then tries to kill her.

This comes as a huge shock to Faye, who thought she knew him well. It is unclear what his motives were, but it is clear that he is not someone to be trusted. Faye’s boyfriend, Custer, turns villain in Euphoria s2 finale.

Euphoria: Faye’s boyfriend Custer

In Euphoria season 1, Mouse’s colleague is Custer. He goes with Mouse to drug transactions and supply meetings, but he is never given a voice of his own.

It isn’t until the season one finale that we get to see Custer as a protagonist. After Ashtray smacks Mouse on the head with a hammer, he delivers a lethal blow to Custer, who screams in agony as blood spills out. It’s the first time we’ve seen any emotion from him or heard his voice.

What was his role in season 2?

In season 2, Custer is given a much stronger presence. The character was ominously framed from the first episode. He doesn’t appear to be a villain at first, but he recruits Fez as a new supplier and introduces us to his pleasant-looking girlfriend, Faye. There’s something about him that makes him seem untrustworthy instinctively.

Custer appears frequently in season 2, but Faye is given a greater role since she moves in with Fez and Ashtray due to an incident at a motel. It’s assumed that Custer asked Fez to take care of Faye so he could gather evidence that would incriminate him.

Indeed, Custer has been working with the authorities throughout the series. Faye’s presence leads to Custer’s death as she informs Fez of his schemes. When Ashtray learns that Custer is recording their conversation in the season finale, he plunges a knife into his neck.

Faye’s debut has been a source of debate among fans. She didn’t contribute much to the story at first, so many people wondered why she was included. Her activities in the series’ finale, on the other hand, altered the narrative and revealed her purpose.

It appears that Ashtray was shot by the SWAT team, which will have a significant influence on Fez in season 3. It’s likely that Faye will serve as his support network now that they’ve become close throughout the season. The connection between Faye and Custer has never been explained, implying Custer’s reason for this season was to bring Faye into the show and add drama for Fez and Ashtray.

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Meet Tyler Chase, the actor who plays Custer

Tyler Chase, a 28-year-old actor and music producer from Los Angeles, plays Custer. His first acting job was in 2007’s Simple Things, but he is most recognized for his role as Tommy in Netflix crime drama Ozark. He has worked on sound for MTV and Elastic.tv, as well as composed music for two short films.

Despite the fact that his character is no longer alive, Euphoria does not avoid flashbacks, allowing Chase to reprise his role in season 3. If Faye’s character remains on the show, her backstory may be examined, thus Custer will undoubtedly have a significant role.

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