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Goocheese Wiki, Bio, Real Name, Age, Instagram

Goocheese is a Twitch streamer who is in her Twenties. Learn all you need to know about her in this post. Goocheese is a well-known Internet personality who has been involved in numerous debates. She has been involved in many fireworks when it comes to controversies. On a recent live stream, an officer of the law saved her from the crowd.

After being assaulted by another YouTuber named OnlyUseMeBlade, she became a global news item in 2020. There are numerous YouTube videos dedicated to her case that are currently viral. Goocheese Wiki, Bio, Real Name, Age, Instagram.

Who is Goocheese On Twitch?

Goocheese, who is a YouTube and Twitch streamer, is currently a common name on Social Media. A YouTube video was uploaded on September 18, 2021, which shows how a police officer knocked down her door while she was streaming. She appeared to be drunk on the video and was repeatedly saying that she would kill herself.

The woman in the video states that she lost control of herself after a viewer called out her stream. The reason for calling out is still under investigation. This isn’t the first time her name has caused a stir on social media. A few months ago, she was assaulted and pepper-sprayed after taunting a black woman on camera. The IRL Moments channel has posted the full clip on YouTube.

Back in 2020, Goocheese was sexually assaulted and got raped in a live stream. The streamer OnlyUseMeBlade was later convicted of the rape charge. In addition, he even got banned from his Twitch and YouTube accounts.

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Goocheese Age As of 2022

Goocheese is a popular streamer on Twitch. She appears to be in her twenties in her videos. Her real age, however, is unknown to the general public.

Furthermore, there was no way to find out when she was born and where she comes from, despite the fact that there were several leads.

Goocheese Real Name: Her Identity

Goocheese’s real name is unknown at the moment. She has successfully kept her true identity a secret from the general public. Her viewers have seen her face on streams on a regular basis, but they have yet to receive any hints about her true identity.

Her Twitch and YouTube channels have also been disabled. She has been given warnings on numerous occasions due to her nudity on social networking sites.
Goocheese On Instagram

Gooscheese’s Instagram account is currently unavailable. She isn’t active on Twitter or Facebook, and she isn’t on Instagram at this time. Her actual name being off the web might be one of the factors behind her social media accounts being unable to detect.

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