How To Grow Hydroponic Basil Fast: Hydroponic Basil Nutrients


Growing your own Basil gives you the pleasure of eating fresh leaves all year long without having to constantly buy new ones. Although it takes a little bit more work, once started out on your hydroponic basil growing endeavor, there are some tips and tricks I’ve come up with that will make it worth your while.

Here’s an example of my first hydroponics system using two tomato cages, some black tubing and some net pots…looks like crap if you ask me but hey, It works!

Basil likes warm temperatures so anything above 55 F (13 C) is ideal for growth. Basil also requires at least six hours of direct sunlight per day. Sunlight can be supplemented with a grow light. How To Grow Hydroponic Basil Fast: Hydroponic Basil Nutrients.

Hydroponic Basil Information

Basil is an annual plant in the Ocimum family and likes well drained soil, high humidity and average nutrient levels in water.

If you live in a humid environment, basil will do fine in a greenhouse or outdoors but for those in dryer areas, your best option is to use an enclosed area such as indoors over a sink or bathtub. Your Basil plants will need lots of humidity so watering frequently and misting the leaves daily should help get that level up if it feels to low.

Like many other plants, basil has special requirements when it comes to deciding on what nutrients to give them so keep this article bookmarked we’ll discuss fertilizer choices later on…

Growing Basil In Hydroponics

After a little bit of tinkering, I have settled on growing basil hydroponically. Now this isn’t the easiest method of growing but it does allow for more control over your Basil plant and its nutrient levels. If you want an easier but similarly effective way to grow Basil, try some self-watering planters! They’re awesome at keeping your soil moist and loose which is what any herb wants.

Basil requires a lot of nutrients so using a quality water soluble fertilizer such as Miracle Gro or Espoma is a fine choice. Using a calcium based product is also good for making sure the plant has enough calcium to support those dark green leaves we all love so much. There are many other variables that can affect the growth of your Basil plant so keep reading…

Choosing the right container for hydroponic basil growing is very important. Be sure to use a container with several holes so excess water can escape and airflow can get in at all times. Some people choose to use soda bottles cut off just under where it curves to act as this type of container but I prefer using net pots.

Net pots provide me with an easy way to remove my plants from their hydroponic systems without disturbing their root structures too much since they are suspended above their rooting mediums. I like using rock wool cubes because you can reuse them over and over again if taken care of properly (see below).

Basil doesn’t like too wet or too dry soil so keeping a good balance of both is going to be your best bet. To do this, I have found that watering my plants once a day with a pint or two of water does the trick. If it’s especially hot, you may have to water twice a day but don’t worry about over-watering because if you choose the right medium and container for growing Basil, your risk factor is pretty low!

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Tips For Growing Hydroponic Basil

Here are some simple tips to help you get the most out of your Basil plants:

  • Use a current cover to keep humidity high
  • Don’t bother transplanting unless it’s absolutely necessary. Transplant shock can kill delicate basil plants!
  • Keep an eye on PH levels and adjust accordingly. You may need to use a PH buffer or PH up/down solutions if needed.

Best Hydroponic Nutrients For Hydroponic Basil

Lastly, I want to discuss what nutrients will work best for growing hydroponic basil plants. Again, looking at the ingredients label is the way to go because everyone has different needs when it comes to choosing fertilizer so it may take some trial and error before you figure out what works best for your set up.

Here’s a nice comprehensive list of nutrients that other people have had success with while growing basil hydroponically:

  • Fox Farm Hydroponic Liquid Nutrient
  • General Hydroponics Flora Nova Bloom and Boost (bloom) concentrate nutrient liquids
  • Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Grow (2 – 4 – 3) and Pure Blend Bloom (1 – 5 – 4)
  • Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro Liquid Plant Food

In conclusion, Basil is a fun plant to have around your garden because it offers so many benefits. The smell alone makes any dish more delicious but just be sure to take care of your Basil plants properly! They’re sensitive little things so anything you can do to increase their success rate will be helpful when it comes time for harvest!

How Many Hours Of Light For Hydroponic Basil?

  • When it comes to light, there are a few important factors to consider. First of all, what type of light do you plan on using?
  • As far as we know, any light will work but some people choose to use LED grow lights because they’re easy on the eyes and usually very energy efficient.
  • If you don’t want an additional electric bill for your hydroponics system then having a great set up that provides excellent sun exposure is going to be your best bet.
  • Once again, it takes some trial and error but you should have success if you follow this guide closely!

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