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How to Insulate an Attic Door

An uninsulated attic door can all spell disaster in the future. The heat loss over time is just too much and your energy bills will rocket through the roof. This may mean that you’ll need to find alternative insulation methods for your home, or even consider relocating somewhere warmer! Don’t worry though; if you act now there are things that you can do so that you won’t have to leave the cold behind.

Here’s how to insulate an attic door

1) Remove Your Existing Door

The first step is removing your existing door. If it’s already off then skip ahead; otherwise, remove any screws holding it into place and take it away from the entrance into the loft space. You should be left with the wooden frame that it stood in.

2) Remove the Door Frame

Depending on your door layout you may be able to cut straight into the beams, or you might have to remove it with a chisel and mallet. Once finished, try checking if your insulation fits inside properly. If not, then you’ll need to change things around so that when you go back outside this is remedied.

3) Insulation Time

You should now place any insulation down so that there are no gaps between it and where the inner wall starts. Remember; you don’t want cold drafts coming in at night! Whether you use blanket type insulating material or rigid materials like foam board, make sure everything fits together perfectly before putting any fixings into place. You don’t want it shifting once the door is stood up again.

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4) Reattach Your Door Frame

Lay down your insulation whilst at the back of the loft opening, then reposition the door frame on top. If you’ve had to remove it with a mallet, do make sure that all nails are firmly hammered in first before screwing and nailing your door back onto place. If there’s no way to reuse some of your old screws and nails, then go ahead and use new ones instead. Just remember; security is key here!

5) Put Your Door Back Up

Pick up your newly insulated attic door and stand it right back into position as if it were never moved in the first place. Screw and nail everything back into place, giving you a secure and sealed entrance to your attic space.

Hopefully this has been of help to anybody out there who needs insulation for their attic door. It may seem like a daunting task at first, but once you’ve taken the time to do it the results will be worth it!

Well done…you did it! I hope you found this article useful. If so, then please share and comment below as I would love to hear from you and others who might just find this helpful too:) Thank you again, and happy DIY-ing how to insulate an attic door.

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