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Biography Of Jean Libbera: The Life Of ‘The Double-Bodied Man’

Jean Libbera also known as “The Double-Bodied Man” who was attached to his twin brother Jacques Libbera from the chest-stomach area. Not only could the parasitic twin move, but it was also alive. An X-ray revealed that an approximately six-inch-circumference head was lodged inside Jean. After getting married, he had four typical kids.

Who Was Jean Libbera?

Jean Libbera became a sensation in circuses and shows during the early 20th century. People were fascinated by the special condition that Jean had as he had a small parasitic twin named Jacques growing out of his torso. This unusual spectacle caught people’s attention and made Jean Libbera a famous figure.

Jacques was totally dependent on Jean’s bodily functions for survival. He possessed two arms, two legs, and a partially formed head that was lodged in Jean’s stomach. Despite the unusual circumstances of having his twin brother Jacques attached to him, Jean Libbera managed to live a relatively ordinary life.

He was able to marry, have a family and live for around 50 years. Due to the lack of extensive records on Jean’s life beyond being featured in circus advertisements, many details about his story remain unknown and mysterious.

Life Of ‘The Double-Bodied Man’

Jean Libbera was born in 1884 in Rome. He was one of 13 children another of whom also had a parasitic twin but did not survive past infancy.

Her twin, Jacques, was a parasite. After an embryo partially splits into twins, the two sides develop irregularly in pregnancy attaching the smaller twin to the larger more mature one.

Jacques and Jean Libbera were not the only twins born together who performed in European and American circuses in the late 19th and early 20th century.

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The Chang and Eng Bunker twins were one of the first and most famous identical twin cases. In 1811, the brothers were born in Siam (now Thailand), hence the term “Siamese twins”. Both guys born healthy were joined at the sternum and waist by a few inches of tissue.

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