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Jen Hatmaker and Brandon Hatmaker Divorce Explored

Jen Hatmaker posted an update to her life on Instagram recently. She revealed that she had met someone new and also reflected back on July 2020, as well as the challenges she faced then. Many are still curious about her divorce from Brandon.

With her most recent Instagram post, the Christian author/podcaster brought tears to many of her followers.

Yesterday, July 11, the former reality TV star posted several photos to Instagram with her girlfriend while they were on their recent travels.

Her long, emotional caption was the highlight of the story. She shared her difficult journey of healing from trauma and heartbreak over the past year. In July 2020, she recalled how difficult her life was.

Jen Hatmaker’s Divorce from husband Brandon Hatmaker Divorce Explored

Jen is one the most admired and followed Christian authors of all time. Many of her followers admire her happy family.

Many fans were stunned when Jen, a happily married couple for 27 years, announced their separation in 2020.

Jen, who married Brandon in 1993, filed for divorce on August 2020. The reason for their separation was not disclosed by the couple. The reasons for the divorce were not mentioned in the filing.

The couple’s friends did not stop them from speculation. As the couple went through their divorce, many rumors of cheating circulated on the internet.

Jen posted “Pray for us” on her Instagram in September 2020. She said, “I don’t know how I can say this and I still am stunned that we are talking.” I am shocked, grieving, and broken-hearted.

Jen and Brandon share five children, Remy (Remy), Ben, Caleb, Gavin, and Caleb.

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Why Did They Opt For A Divorce?

Jen admitted that their family was in a crisis, but she didn’t expect a divorce. The reason for the couple’s divorce was not confirmed by Jen. Fans were able to speculate about the couple’s affair by creating rumors. Popular theories include Brandon’s extramarital affair and Jen’s support for the LGBT+ community clashing against the church board. Jen asked her fans to refrain from spreading rumors and said that they were the only ones responsible for the divorce. Brandon was also bombarded by questions, threats and other details from his fans. He requested that people stop interfering in his personal life and to wait for updates. He stated that he would soon announce the projects, but asked people to stop asking about his divorce.

Jen shared her life update with fans, sharing heartfelt messages and photos. She is currently in Maine with Megan and Lisa, her best friends. She is making new memories, reading new books, and healing herself. She shared that she had met a new man at camp, and is very happy.

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When Did The Divorce Happen?

  • Jen and Brandon filed for divorce in September 2020.
  • Jen posted a Facebook message asking her followers and fans to pray for them.
  • She also asked that they respect their privacy.
  • Jen shared with everyone her shock and sadness.
  • None of them expected a divorce.
  • It was important to remind people that they have the right to privacy, and not to make divorce reports public.
  • She thanked everyone for being kind to her and asked for safety and energy for healing and rebuilding again.

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