Who Are Jeremy Roach Parents?


Joe and Mother Carole Roach, the parents of Basketball star Jeremy Roach, are overjoyed for their son’s successful basketball career. For Duke Blue Devils, an American college basketball player named Jeremy Roach is playing. He has recently gained attention after being selected to the West Regional All-Tournament Team.

After saving the team with Texas Tech in the most recent game, Roach has won over basketball enthusiasts all around the world. Fans believe he might be the future great as a sophomore point guard. Let’s have a look at Jeremy Roach, a rising basketball star, and his personal life. Who Are Jeremy Roach Parents?

Who Are Jeremy Roach’s Parents?

Jeremy Roach was born on November 1, 2001, in Leesburg, Virginia, to Joe Roach and Carole Roach. Jeremy’s father and mother were there for him throughout his life to provide support and inspiration. His parents are overjoyed with every step of their son’s professional success.

There aren’t many details about Jeremy’s loved ones available. Roach was born and raised in the United States, where he played basketball for his high school team as a freshman. In a very short amount of time, the player has made a name for himself on the court.

Jeremy’s dad is also a big influence for him to continue moving forward in his life. His parents have served as the greatest incentive for him to keep going.

Meet With Jeremy Roach Father Joe And Mother Carole

Joe Roach runs a school in Marshall, Arkansas. His mother, Carole Roach, grew up there and still resides there. Joe’s father, Joe Roach, was a basketball coach at the high school level who died suddenly during his son’s freshman year of college. Joe grew up with his father, Joe Roach, and his mother, Carole Roach.

The player has recently gained attention for his incredible performance in the game. “This process is all new to us,” said Joe’s mother, Carole. She added , “We’d heard about it from other kids before but never thought it would happen to our kid.”

Meanwhile, his father assisted him in catching his flight to Denver, where he would begin his professional basketball career. Both his father and mother have encouraged him to pursue his passion.

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More Insights On Jeremy Roach Siblings: Come Across His Family

Jeremy Roach is close to his siblings, Chloe and Jordan, with whom he grew up. He is the youngest member of the family, pursuing a basketball career. Jeremy was raised by his older sister, Chloe, and older brother, Jordan. There are no further updates on Jeremy’s family other than that they all care and support him.

He’s also never discussed his family matters, which has made him seem very private. Fortunately, his followers may learn more about him in the future as he brightens up. Jeremy goes by the name of @jeremy on Instagram and has 47.9k followers.

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