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Who Is Kman: Euphoria’s biggest fan who’s petitioning to be in S3

Euphoria season three has been confirmed, with TikToker and a fan of the HBO show Kman also hoping to appear in the third installment.

Last week, the popular HBO drama was given the go-ahead for a third season before episode five of the second series. Although some known Euphoria cast members may return in season three, TikToker Kaman has expressed his desire to be on the show.

Meet TikToker and Euphoria fan Kman

Kman is a TikToker who now has a following of more than 770,000 people on the video-sharing site. Some may be familiar with the creator because of his Euphoria-themed content, in which he reacts to episodes from the show and offers POV (point of view) style videos based on the series and its characters. One of Kman’s most popular scene reactions for Rue from Euphoria currently has 1.3 million likes and 7.3 million views.

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TikToker creates petition to be in Euphoria season 3

While it appears that Kman is a big fan of the HBO series, it also appear that he has ambitions to be on the show. On Change.org this week, Kman announced that he had launched a petition to be included in the third season of Euphoria.

In the about section on their site, he mentioned that while he is “completely infatuated” with the series, he also wants to pursue a career in acting. The “Put Kman in Euphoria season 3” petition has over 15,000 signatures and needs 25,000 more to be met. Those who wish to show their support for Kman’s Euphoria adventure can visit here.

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