Chad Warden Meme Explored: Check It Out


Chad Warden, better known as Chadwardenn, is one of YouTube’s most notorious trolls. In Chad’s videos, he made a number of claims to support the idea that the PS3 is superior to the Wii and Xbox 360; offering incorrect reasons for why this was the case. Although the majority of people initially accepted his statements … Read more

SpongeBoy Me Bob Quote Explained


SpongeBoy Me Bob, or SpongeBob Me Boy, refers to a quote from Mr. Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants. In the late 2010s, the phrase saw use in shitpost image macros in which Krabs says “Spongeboy Me Bob!” then announces something jarringly serious. SpongeBoy Me Bob Quote Explained. SpongeBoy Me Bob Origin Mr. Krabs utters the phrase … Read more

Sheet Music Boss Meme Explained


The Sheet Music Boss meme is a reference to a popular YouTube channel that creates and posts videos of sheet music for various songs, usually video game soundtracks. The channel’s name is a play on the popular “boss battle” trope found in many video games, where the player must face a difficult enemy in order … Read more

PNGTubers Meme Explained


PNGTubers are a group of people who make and share memes based on popular culture. They are known for their funny, often irreverent, and sometimes controversial content. The term “PNGTuber” is a portmanteau of “PNG” (a common file format for images) and “YouTuber”. The group got its start in the early 2010s, when some YouTubers … Read more

You Want What Kind Of Milk? Meme Explained


There’s a new meme going around that’s confusing a lot of people. It’s called the “You want what kind of milk?” meme, and it goes like this: Person 1: You want what kind of milk? Person 2: I don’t know, whatever kind of milk you have. Person 1: Whole milk, 2% milk, or skim milk? … Read more

Morbius Sweep Meme Explained


The Morbius Sweep is a term that has been used to describe a particular strategy employed in the game of Magic: The Gathering. The name “Morbius Sweep” comes from the card Morbid Curiosity, which allows its controller to draw a card for each creature that died that turn. This strategy revolves around using creatures with … Read more

Big Chungus Meme Explained


A gaming meme known as “Big Chungus” refers to a picture of Bugs Bunny depicted with the caption “Big Chungus,” and presented as a PlayStation 4 console game. The term “chungus” was originally coined by video game journalist Jim Sterling several years ago. In July 2019, the meme began to regain ironic popularity on iFunny … Read more

NSFW Bowling Animations Meme Explained


NSFW Bowling Animations Meme Explained: The Disturbing Trend That’s Being Shared All Over Social Media The NSFW bowling animations meme is a disturbing trend that’s been circulating on social media. The meme features graphic and often violent images of people being hit by bowling balls, with blood and guts splattered everywhere. While it’s not clear … Read more