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Who Is Lefty Lou Earl? Is Boxer Lefty Lou Earl Real? Kevin Hart’s Zero F**ks Given, Facts To Know

Lefty Lou Earl is not a real boxer and a fictional character made up by Kevin Heart in his new Netflix special, “No F*cks Given”. The new special showcases Hart at his best, he talks about how he is struggling with aging.

He goes on to reveal that Lefty Lou was called that because he did not have a right hand. Similarly, he says that his trainer had compared them both.

Who Is Lefty Lou Earl? Is Boxer Lefty Lou Earl Real?

As mentioned above Lefty Lou Earl is not a real person or boxer, he is a character created by Kevin Hart.

Hart is notorious for his embellishments of the truth in his comedy special, although the comedian says it is a ‘true story’, most of the time it is his creative genius.

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In a similar fashion, he talks about Lefty Lou as though he is a real person but according to many sources like this one, Lefty Lou Earl is not real and is just a fictional character.

Some Facts about Lefty Lou Earl

  • Similarly, he talks about the boxer when explaining to the limited audience about his age.
  • Hart is 41 years old in 2020 and said to his fans how he took up boxing but could not perform like he did when he was young.
  • Kevin turned 41 in July 2020, he announced his special to his fans in November. He shot the comedy special in front of a limited and masked audience due to the Coronavirus restrictions.
  • He joked about the COVID virus and used his humor to lift the tension in the room.
  • Apparently, Kevin Hart himself had contracted the virus in 2020 but did not reveal it to his fans.
  • While the reception of the new Netflix project has been huge because it is a Kevin Hart special, but some have expressed their distaste of the part where he made fun of disabled people in the form of the fictional boxer Lou Earl.
  • Some critics have compared it to his 2016 special ‘Kevin Hart: What Now?’ and said that the new one is not as funny as the former.

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