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Leonid Greyser Wiki, Bio, Photos, Story Explored

In the footage above, 18 year old Leonid Greyser can be seen trying to break out of a glass holding box in a Moscow courtroom. Greyser was arrested in 2019 for the brutal murder of his older sister, 21 year old Ariada Korol. He claims that he killed her as a sacrificial act to get rid of the devil. Leonid Greyser Wiki, Bio, Photos, Story Explored.

Leonid Greyser Story Explored

After forcing his way through the roof tiles, he was able to crawl through the bars that covered the top of the container and attempt a getaway via the ceiling tiles, but cops were able to stop him with batons and tasers – despite losing his trousers in the process.

Greyser lived with his sister and claimed to have had a perfect relationship with her. However, when authorities questioned him, he said he had to do what he did. Neighbors heard Ariada screaming in the hallway of the apartment building before she was found with multiple stab wounds.

According to the complaint, several people saw Greyser at the scene, where he was alleged to have undressed while praying and drawn demonic symbols on his head and sister’s body using her blood.

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