Madlyn Ballatori And Colby Kissinger: The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On


It’s sometimes necessary for two people to break apart in order to realize how much they need to come back together, and that’s exactly what happened to Madlyn, 24, and Colby, 25.

As we all know, they came on the show as boyfriend and girlfriend, but Colby was thinking of marrying Madlyn, but Madlyn was perplexed and didn’t want to marry so soon.

So, how did the show go? Obviously, they were given a variety of partners from whom to choose.

Colby picked Kayla, and Madlyn chose Tyler. Madlyn Ballatori And Colby Kissinger: The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On.

However, things quickly fizzled out with both of them and they both had their sights set on someone else: Madlyn wanted to be with Jared and Colby wanted to be with Bri.

Of course, this created a lot of drama, but in the end it all worked out because Madlyn and Colby realized that they were meant to be together.

And now they’re engaged!

We sat down with the happy couple to find out more about their relationship, their time on the show, and their plans for the future.

How did you two meet?

Madlyn: We actually met through a mutual friend. Colby is from my hometown and we had a lot of the same friends, but we never really talked much.

But then one day we were at a party and we just hit it off and started talking and we’ve been together ever since.

What was your first date?

Colby: Our first date was actually kind of funny. We went to go see a movie and I don’t even remember what movie it was, but it was one of those movies where you’re like “I have no idea what’s going on.”

So we left the movie early and just walked around town and talked and got to know each other better.

What is your favorite memory together?

Madlyn: I think my favorite memory is when we went on a trip to the beach. We just had the best time and it was so relaxing. We were just laying on the beach, swimming in the ocean, and walking around town.


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It was just a really perfect weekend.

Colby: Yeah, I would definitely say that’s my favorite memory too.

What made you decide to go on the show?

Madlyn: I think we both wanted to test our relationship and see if we were really compatible with each other. And we also wanted to see if we could handle being in a long-distance relationship.

Colby: Yeah, I think those were both big factors for me. I also wanted to see if we could handle the stress of the show and being around all those other people.

How did you feel when you found out that you would be broken up and given other partners?

Madlyn: At first I was really upset, but then I realized that it was just a part of the game and I had to suck it up and deal with it.

Colby: I was actually kind of happy about it because I knew that it would be a good test for our relationship. If we could make it through that, then we could make it through anything.

What was your experience on the show like?

Madlyn: It was definitely a lot more drama than I was expecting. But it was also really fun and I got to meet a lot of new people.

Colby: I had a lot of fun too. I think the best part was just getting to know all the other people on the show.

What did you learn about each other during your time on the show?

Madlyn: I learned that Colby is a really patient person and he’s also really good at reading people.

Colby: I learned that Madlyn is a lot more spontaneous than I thought she was. She’s always up for anything and she’s always game for trying new things.

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