Who Is Masao Kaanga: What We Know So Far


According to the Police, a guy in Springville shot his teenage girlfriend in a park this spring. He then killed himself on Wednesday afternoon, according to authorities. They were formerly involved, but they terminated their toxic relationship, according to authorities.

“The investigation of the apparent murder/suicide involving two Springville residents is ongoing,” According to Springville Police, “Lily Conroy, a 17-year-old Springville resident and Springville High School student, was mortally wounded and is on life support to save her organs.” Masao Kaanga was a native of Springville. He died while the girl was airlifted to a hospital near by. Lily Conroy was identified as the young woman by police. She’s a high school senior.

“The man involved in the incident is 19-year-old, Masao Kaanga of Springville,” Kaanga was an athlete who had previously played football for the Springville High football squad. He shot the teen girl in the head. “The family wishes to carry on their daughter’s legacy to help someone in need, The family would like Lily to live on by donating her organs to a local family. If there is a family in the local area who is in need of organ donation, contact the Springville Police Department (801-489-9421).”

Furthermore, Springville High School has provided counseling to those who have been touched by the tragedy. Who Is Masao Kaanga: What We Know So Far.

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What has happened between the two?

“Some chitchat occurred between the two of them, and there was concern that he would do something,” said Foster. “She ended up getting in the same vehicle as him, and we learned they were mobile.” At about 3:19 p.m., police arrived at Springville High School but found no one. The girl’s cellphone beeped shortly thereafter, putting her in a local grocery store in Springville.

“We had all available officers in the city out, and when they got to the store, they weren’t there,” further he stated. “We fanned out in a four to a six-block radius, then we got a call from the mother of the man, saying they were headed for Hobble Creek Park at about 3:43 p.m.

“When we got there, we discovered them both in the car with gunshot wounds. He had died at the scene, and she was LifeFlighted to Utah Valley Hospital,” Foster continued.

“Our deepest sympathies go out to the police department and all of the family involved, as well as the pupils and friends dealing with this tragedy.”

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