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Meet Sean Caracena From Kid 90? Child Actor Cause Of Death & Obituary

Who is Sean Caracena From Kid 90? Know everything available about his identity and what happened to him.

Sean Caracena was an actor who was featured recently in Hulu’s documentary Kid 90.

The documentary shows the situation and other evidence such as videos and calls that reflect the growing up of Hollywood stars in the 90s. One of the shown personalities was Sean Caracena, who reportedly committed suicide.

In this article, we take a looks at who he was and what actually happened to him.

Who Is Sean Caracena From Kid 90?

Sean Caracena From Kid 90 was a promising actor who played only has significant role appeared in Somebody Is Waiting.

His performance was very peculiar that everyone seems to love and directed all the attention towards the young actor. However, this didn’t come easy as the kid had to act all mature in front of people and had to be very professional and specific.

After playing a role in 1996, people started expecting Sean to be a good-guy American who should never be wrong. Trying to live up to the expectations changed the actor overnight as he went from a confident youngster to an insecure and disturbed kid.

Sean Caracena Cause Of Death And Obituary

The Cinemaholic reports the cause of death of Sean Caracena was a suicide, but the official Obituary never got released.

It was his depression and unable to live the expectations that led him to take such an action. As a matter of fact, Sean didn’t play any other major films after that as he couldn’t cope with the massive pressure.

As per the reports, Caracena was going through a massive depression and a sense of failure. In the documentary, we can also see him crying for help in footage and phone calls.

In an attempt to free himself from the expectations, Sean saw suicide as the only escape path. However, no official notice or Obituary about the incident was released as if nothing happened with a once admired personality.

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