Michael Strahan’s Wife: Who is Jean Muggli?


Michael Strahan is a retired NFL defensive end who played for the New York Giants for 15 years. He is now a well-known television personality, working as a host and sports analyst. In 2007, he was part of the Giants team that won Super Bowl XLII against the New England Patriots. He has also won two Daytime Emmy Awards for his work as a talk show host. Michael Strahan’s Wife: Who is Jean Muggli?

Michael Strahan’s Wife: Who is Jean Muggli?

Jean Muggli was born on November 3, 1965 in Carson, North Dakota to farmers Anthony Alphonse Muggli and Marry Banning. She has three brothers and two sisters. Jean completed her high school education in New York before beginning her career in the cosmetics industry. When she first met future husband Michael Strahan, she was working as a store manager at a skin-care salon in Manhattan.

Michael Strahan and Jean Muggli Children

Strahan was transparent with his attraction towards Muggli from the first time they met. He would continuously make excuses to visit her spa for months until she realized he liked her. After realizing this, he stopped by her salon daily which then led to him successfully wooing her because of his charming personality. The two got married in 1999 and had twin daughters Sophia and Isabella in 2004.

Michael Strahan and Jean Muggli Divorce

After seven years of marriage, Strahan and Muggli legally separated in 2006. Muggli was granted $15.3 million and $18k a month after the divorce. Even though they were no longer married, the two continued to have a difficult relationship with one another. In January 2020, Jean accused Michael of hiring private investigators to watch her at her North Carolina residence; something he vehemently denies doing up until this day.

Jean Muggli On Social Media

The blonde beauty who never seems to age has a private social media account and prefers to live a life out of the public eye. However, if you’re interested in following her popular daughters, you can find them online!

Michael Strahan Wife: Who Is Wanda Hutchins?

Wanda Hutchins was born on January 1, 1970 in Houston, Texas. A businesswoman and interior designer, Hutchins owns Wanda Home Designs. She is also the former vice president of Strahan Global Outreach; a nonprofit focused on producing top quality home appliances and furniture. After her divorce from Michael Strahan, Hutchins has kept a low profile and there isn’t much public information available about her.


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Michael Strahan and Wanda Hutchins

When Strahan and Hutchins met at a football game in Germany, they hit it off immediately. Michael was only seventeen then, so they started dating after getting to know each other better. When Wanda was twenty years old, she got pregnant with their first child together. The two decided to get married in 1992 and have been inseparable ever since. They have two children together: Tanita Strahan and Michael Anthony Strahan Jr.

Michael, his wife, and their two children moved to Houston Texas in 1996 to be closer to Michael’s parents who lived in the same neighborhood. They bought a house for $163k. His marriage began having difficulty after the birth of their second child which eventually led to filing for divorce in 1996. In 2001 Hutchins gave birth to her third child Dorian whose father is unknown.

Michael Strahan Girlfriend

Strahan is rumored to be in a relationship with Kayla Quick. The two were first seen together in 2015 and have made several public appearances since then. However, their relationship has been relatively quiet recently, most likely because they are trying to keep it under wraps.

Michael Strahan Net Worth

Michael Strahan, a renowned football player and television personality, allegedly earns $17 million annually. In 2017, he is allegedly earned $21.5 million through hosting various shows.

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