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Meet Monty Lopez: What We Know So Far

Monty Lopez is an American TikTok star who is famous for being the father of TikTok sensation Addison Rae. He often stars in his TikTok videos alongside his family members. He has amassed over 5 million followers to his TikTok account. Meet Monty Lopez: What We Know So Far.

Monty Lopez: What We Know So Far

Addison Rae’s father has been having an affair with Renee Ash, according to reports, and the 25-year-old is now speaking out for the first time. In an interview with Page Six, Renee Ash discussed her 5-month relationship with Monty Lopez, claiming that the father of three “misled” her.

Lopez’s affair with Ash went public after several TikTok videos showed much younger women alleging he was cheating on his wife, Sheri Easterling. After Lopez’s activities with a number of other women began circulating on social media, Ash came forward with her own accusations that she had been in a relationship with Lopez and provided images and messages from the two.

Who Is Renee Ash?

On Instagram, Ash has over 45,000 followers and around 900 on TikTok. The vast majority of her material focuses on travel, and she frequently shares images and videos from locations like France, Las Vegas, Tulum, and Cabo. She works as an associate jewelry buyer for Elyse Walker in Los Angeles.


Renee Ash And Monty Lopez Marriage

Page Six reports, Lopez has been separated from his wife of 21 years, Eloida “Loi” Gonzalez-Lopez, since at least March, when he was spotted with a woman who appears to be Ash. According to his ex-girlfriend Ash, Lopez misled her about his marital status. “Unfortunately, he lied to me,” she told Page Six. “He said we’d be together and have children together.” Lopez met Ash through a mutual friend in March; they started dating shortly after.

Ash, who had met Lopez’s mother and younger brother, was convinced of the connection’s significance. Their relationship nearly came to an end in June, when Ash had an alleged pregnancy scare and felt as if she “had no support from” Lopez, who supposedly texted back “You’re not pregnant.”

“You handled my pregnancy scare really poorly,” she allegedly texted him. “I can’t handle … having two positive tests and fully blowing me off Especially after you kept saying I’ll never pull out I want to marry you.”

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More About Monty Lopez

Monty Lopez attempted to split from Ash after confirming that she was not pregnant, but he refused to break up with her and the couple eventually reconciled and got back together. Lopez is said to have gone on vacation in the South of France with Ash, and a source claimed that “nearly everyone” in Los Angeles knew about their relationship, though Lopez refused to make it public on social media.

After Lopez was accused of hitting on several women in person and over FaceTime, Ash ended their relationship. “My main worry is for my children’s delicate hearts and minds,” Easterling added. “I’ll always do the best to defend them,” she added, referring to her sons Enzo, 14, and Lucas, 8. Rae’s parents have been married an on-again off-again throughout her childhood. According to reports from 2017 , Lopez and Easterling frequently break up before reconciling again.

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