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When is My Name season 2 coming: release date, cast, plot or will there be another season?

MY NAME has been released on Netflix but even though the first few episodes of the series have only just dropped, will there be a season two?

My Name is a South Korean drama with a thrilling narrative that Netflix’s Squid Game may be compared to. Yoon Ji-Woo (played by Han So-hee) tracks down the members of her father’s murder in this thriller. There are currently eight episodes that viewers may watch over the following weeks and months, with ratings to follow. Here’s everything you need to know about whether there will be a second season of The Crown.

Will there be another season of My Name?

Viewers will be left on the edge of their seats as they watch Ji-Woo become an undercover cop as the powerful boss leading the criminal gang, Choi Moo-Jin (Park Hee-Soon), pushes her into an unknown world.

It is just a number of South Korean dramas which have landed on the global streaming platform recently, with members intrigued by the dramas unfolding.

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Currently, there is no word on whether there will be a season two or even a future for My Name following its release on Netflix.

This isn’t unusual as many programmes have been left in limbo after making their debut on the network as bosses need to get a consensus on whether it’s worth investing more money.

Some shows, such as You, have often been given the green light for another season even before the most recent has been released.

My Name season 2 Plot Explored

Netflix knows this is a show which has done well in the past and so they don’t need to monitor the ratings to see how well it will do.

However, with My Name never being seen on the streaming platform before, bosses need to understand if it is a drama an audience will buy into.

It only took the production team four months to film the entire first season, with the shoot beginning in March and ending in July of this year.

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If season two is given the go-ahead, it is likely it will be made available on Netflix around the same time of year in 2022.

My Name season 2 Latest News

The creator of the show, Kim Jin-Min, has enjoyed success on the streaming platform before with the thrilling drama, Extracurricular.

It has gone on to win numerous awards and be nominated for several others and the writer will be hoping My Name can replicate this.

Speaking about the charm of his latest work, Jim Min said: “When I am choosing the script, I have to find a reason to pick it first.

“Extracurricular was well-loved and I have looked through a lot of different scripts to see what piece I would work on next but action is a genre I haven’t worked on in a while.”

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