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Nicolas Cowan Wiki, Bio, Age, Career, Facts

Who is Nicolas Cowan, and where did he come from? After a Phoenix police officer shot a $35K reward, the FBI joins the hunt: According to the department, the FBI is looking for a dangerous individual who may also be armed. On Thursday, April 14th, 2022, Nicholas Cowan was present at a gun range in Phoenix.

In this scenario, there’s a new development: the FBI has joined forces with the state police to find the criminal. People are interested to know more about the shoot-out in Phoenix now that they’ve heard about it. This post will reveal who the offender is.

What is the department’s reward for helping solve the Nicky Cowan case? And who was the shooter’s real target? Scroll down the page to learn all of the answers to this incident, so keep reading this article until the very last sentence. Nicolas Cowan Wiki, Bio, Age, Career, Facts.

Who is Nicolas Cowan?

Nicholas Cowan, according to reports, assaulted an officer during the shooting range. He has yet to be captured and is now on the run. The police department published a wanted notice describing the suspect’s physical appearance.

He is 35 years old, and he may or may not be armed at this time. Furthermore, he could have been wounded by a gunshot. The FBI has now joined the state police in their hunt for dangerous Nicholas Cowan. Continue reading to learn more about the incident’s date and location.
Nicolas Cowan: FBI Joins Search After Phoenix Officer Shot $35K Reward

According to reports, a gunman shot a police officer in Phoenix on Thursday. On Friday, the FBI joined the investigation team to try to discover the criminal as soon as feasible.

We also learned that Nicholas Cowan had injured a 24-year-old law enforcement officer from his Arizona department. The wounded police officer was taken to the hospital for a bullet removal procedure. The identity of the injured law enforcement official has not been revealed.

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Nicolas Cowan Age, Photos, and Instagram

According to reports, while investigating a domestic violence complaint against Nicholas Cowan, the officer was injured. The attacker, on the other hand, fired a shot at one of the cops before fleeing.

To counteract his assault, one cop discharged a bullet at him, possibly injuring him with a bullet. “Let us find this individual,” Police Chief Jerry Williams tweeted out.

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