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Who Is Nikko Santo Pietro: Is He Gay?

While you may not be familiar with the name Nikko Santo Pietro, there’s no doubt that you are aware of Vanna White, his mother. Vanna White is a well-known television host and puzzle solver on Wheel of Fortune. A game show similar to Hangman’s in which contestants solve word puzzles to win cash and prizes is called The Word Game.

Nikko Santo Pietro is a chef who works full-time and spends his free time in nature. His Instagram feed is chock-full of delectable meals and pastries. He also uses social media frequently, where he updates his followers on his daily activities as well as culinary ideas. Who Is Nikko Santo Pietro: Is He Gay?

Nikko Santo Pietro: Is He Gay?

Nicholas John Santo Pietro was born on June 10, 1994, in Los Angeles, California. He is the eldest son of TV presenter Vanna White and businessman George Santo Pietro.

Growing up with two famous parents, Nikko was shielded from the limelight as his mother preferred to keep her personal life private. Certain facts about his early life are known, although. He spent his childhood in Los Angeles with his parents and younger sister Gigi Santo Pietro.

Andrea Santo Pietro, Nikko’s half-sister, is a performer as well. She is the offspring of George Santo Pietro and Linda Evans at the time of her birth. Before being born, Nikko’s mother had a miscarriage; however, his elder sibling may have previously existed in his life.

Nikko and his sister had a fine youth. Their parents’ marriage, however, did not last, and they split up in 2002 when Nikko was just eight years old. They have been primarily reared by their mother Vanna since the divorce, who has prioritized them and her job.

Nikko Santo Pietro enrolled at The University of Arizona after high school, where he studied Agriculture Sciences for a brief period before moving on to Oregon State University. He completed his degree in Agriculture Sciences at Oregon State University.

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Nikko Santo Pietro’s career

He is a chef by trade and has built his business into something that he enjoys. He began cooking as a pastime, but it has grown into a lucrative operation. When it comes to making bread, he promotes his culinary skills on social media, especially on online bakery company Nikko’s Bread, where he is the star.

Aside from being a chef, Nicholas also used his agricultural degree by working in the produce industry. Nikko Alvarez is a vegan food entrepreneur and expert who works at the fresh produce store Melissa’s Produce in Los Angeles, California.

He is involved in research, development work, communications, and innovation at Melisa’s Produce. Nikko has held previous jobs in the agricultural and produce sector at Natural Health Food Store in Virginia and Missouri.

They complement each other in his love for agriculture and food. He enjoys both cooking and gardening. And the more he cooks in the kitchen, the more he understands about agriculture.

Nikko Santo Pietro Girlfriend

Nikko is currently dating Codie Jascor, a college sweetheart. She was a high school sweetheart, but they met during the early years of university. Other than that, they don’t provide much information about their connection on social media.

No. However, when he was in college at Arizona University, he became notable after stating that he was in a homosexual relationship. The revelation was a little scandalous because the other participant was a 34-year old Hare Krishna monk, Jaycee Akinsanya.

At the age of 19, Nikko was just a novice. Aside from the generation gap, many people were concerned that he had been targeted for money, especially after he requested financial assistance from his parents to “support their spiritual connection.”

Nikko Santo Pietro Net worth

There’s not a lot of information on his wealth or earnings. He is thought to be worth about $300,000, with the majority of his money coming from his culinary company, which is quite successful.

Who is Nikko Santo Pietro?

Nikko Santo Pietro is an American cook who previously worked in the agricultural sector.

How old is Nikko Santo Pietro?

Nikko Santo Pietro will be 27 years old in 2022. He was born on June 10, 1994, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

Nikko Santo Pietro FAQs

  • What is Nikko Santo Pietro’s ethnicity?
  • He is of Italian descent.
  • What is Nikko Santo Pietro’s net worth?
  • His net worth is estimated to be $300,000.
  • Who is Nikko Santo Pietro’s girlfriend?
  • He is dating Codie Jascor.
  • The couple has been together for a few years but they have not disclosed how long they have been dating.
  • Is Nikko Santo Pietro gay?
  • No, he is not gay.
  • He was in a relationship with a 34-year old Hare Krishna monk during his college years but he has not spoken about his sexual orientation since then.

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