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Who Is Nona Dirksmeyer: Meet Her Boyfriend, Kevin Jones

Nona Dirksmeyer, a high-profile beauty queen who had a bright future ahead of her, was murdered in 2005, and there has yet to be any justice served for the departed soul. The lovely young woman was discovered dead in her Russellville home, but the killer has yet to be found. In this post, we’ll discuss about her death in depth. Who Is Nona Dirksmeyer: Meet Her Boyfriend, Kevin Jones.

Who is Nona Dirksmeyer?

Nona Dirksmeyer was a beauty queen who also had her fair share of controversy in the world of beauty pageants. Unfortunately, her life was cut short when she was murdered at the age of 19.

Nona Dirksmeyer, a beauty queen who was just 19 years old when she was discovered dead in her home, was stabbed and beaten to death in her apartment in 2005. Because the military is unable to identify the individual responsible, his or her punishment has been suspended.

Following the death of Nona Dirksmeyer, her followers were shocked when she was reported dead. It’s been over a decade since she died, but law enforcement has yet to capture her murderer. After Nona Dirksmeyer was brutally murdered, the police investigated two prime suspects: her boyfriend, Kevin Jones, and her neighbor, Gary Dunn.

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Who murdered Nona Dirksmeyer?

Nona Dirksmeyer was murdered at the age of 19 by someone she knew. Her mother, Carol Yvette Larpenter Dirksmeyer, and father, Paul Dirksmeyer, are both alive today. The corps is still trying to figure out who murdered her, therefore the perpetrator is yet unknown.

Kevin Jones, Nona’s boyfriend, was the first prime suspect of the case since he was arrested and convicted for her murder, but he was later acquitted owing to a lack of evidence by the court, which stated that he was innocent. The Pennsylvania neighbor of Nona Dirksmeyer, Gary Dunn, was accused by the cops. He was picked up based on DNA evidence, but his first trial in 2010 and 2011 resulted in a hung jury, and no further proceedings have been scheduled since then.

Where is Nona Dirksmeyer’s boyfriend now?

As previously said, Kevin Jones was the main suspect of the cops in Nona Dirksmeyer’s boyfriend. He was detained and convicted, but he was subsequently acquitted because there was no evidence against him. He sued the police who investigated the situation for disregarding the facts. In 2010, he planned to pursue law studies and is now married with a family in Little Rock.

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