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Who Is Philipp Von Bernstorff, Clarissa Ward Husband?

Clarissa Ward’s husband, Philipp Von Bernstorff, has always been there for his wife, offering whatever she may want. Let us learn more about Philipp Von Bernstorff, Clarissa Ward’s spouse. Philipp works as a fund manager professionally. Philipp is famous as the husband of American television journalist Clarissa Ward on the Internet.

Philipp is well-known as the spouse of Clarissa Ward, an American television journalist. Before becoming a CNN international correspondent, she worked for CBS News in London and ABC News in Moscow as a summer news intern.

Furthermore, Clarissa and her spouse Philipp have gone to the other extreme by achieving the virtually unattainable ideal of marital bliss. Who Is Philipp Von Bernstorff, Clarissa Ward Husband?

Philipp von Bernstorff: Clarissa Ward Husband

Philipp von Bernstorff is Clarissa Ward’s husband, as previously said. Some couples are made by god, which perfectly fits Clarissa and her spouse Philipp. After knowing him for almost 10 years, Clarissa married Philipp in the year 2016 AD at London’s Chelsea Old Town Hall.

In 2007 AD, Philipp first meets Clarissa at a dinner party in Moscow. He is the father of Ezra Albrecht Nikolas Nour and Caspar Hugo Augustus Idris, both of whom are children.

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Philipp Von Bernstorff Age

According to his photographs, Philipp Von Bernstorff appears to be in his fifties or sixties. On the other hand, Philipp is a private individual who refuses to reveal personal information in public. As soon as we receive Philipp’s real age and birthday information, we will update this section as soon as possible.

Philipp Von Bernstorff Instagram

Philipp Von Bernstorff works as a Portfolio Manager at Vulpes Investment Management, which is the firm he is from. From 2009 to 2012, Philipp served as a Fund Manager at Artradis Fund Management before joining Vulpes Investment Management.

Philipp has yet to make his Instagram debut. However, you may follow him on Instagram if you wish, because she goes by the handle Clarissawardcnn there.

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