Who Was Ronnie McNutt: Suicide Video Explored


Josh Steen was one of Ronnie McNutt’s best friends. Last month, he watched his close friend Ronnie McNutt kill himself on Facebook. He is now investigating the company and other social media platforms where the suicide video clips are widely distributed in order to get answers.

“For the last two and a half weeks Ronnie’s image has been one of the most recognisable on the internet and yet these companies claim to have detection software to stop it, so something isn’t right,” he said.

During the broadcast, he reported it to Facebook at 22:00 Mississippi time – two hours after the video had begun and 50 minutes before Ronnie killed himself. He stated that he didn’t receive a response from Facebook until 23:51, when it informed him that the video did not break its community standards. The person who drove the vehicle that hit Mr McNutt was not arrested for several days.

The police report stated there were no injuries in the collision, only minor damage to a house as well as broken glass on a nearby road. At 22:00, according to their social media accounts, Josh Steen said it was time for the stream to end because Ronnie had misfired his weapon early – which he claims is a clear violation of the rules.

“If Facebook had intervened then, my friend may still have committed suicide but at least there wouldn’t be this video.” Who Was Ronnie McNutt: Suicide Video Explored.

Who Was Ronnie McNutt?

McNutt was a 33-year-old Iraq war veteran who had experienced psychological trauma and other mental health issues as a result of his military service.

He was depressed and had been drinking that night. He was discussing suicide and squabbling with individuals who were trying to soothe him. The police showed up at his flat soon after. When Mr Steen passed away, more than 200 individuals were watching the feed, including himself and several of his pals.

Ronnie McNutt: Suicide Video Explored

The day after his death, videos of him dying began to go viral. The tragic US Army veteran Ronnie McNutt, whose live suicide has shocked the internet, left a devastating final statement on Facebook just before going online.

“The video was public and his account was public. Whoever took the first clip and uploaded it created a back story about Ronnie,” said Mr Steen.

“None of it was true. But it helped fuel the fire to help it spread,” he added.

On Mr McNutt’s Facebook page, more and more remarks were posted. Many of them were unpleasant, and Mr Steen filed a complaint against them on the social network. However, according to Facebook, nothing could be done since he was not the account holder.

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Meanwhile, several internet fundraising sites were established in Ronnie’s name. The family, on the other hand, did not authorize them and Mr Steen is unsure what, if anything, was being done about it.

“It got so out of hand. We watched it circle the globe. When a person in Australia says their nine-year-old child had seen this on TikTok, it’s crushing.”

He is well aware that many will claim that Mr McNutt should have never filmed his death in this manner, and others will blame him for the psychological trauma inflicted on those who view the film. But Mr Steen remains loyal to his friend.

“I don’t think that was his intention when he started the live,” he said.

“When you go back and follow his digital trail there is this beautiful telling of his life on various social-media platforms. He had a history of getting on a streaming service and talking.”

According to Heavy.com, McNutt’s friend Josh Steen believes social media sites could have done more to prevent the recording of his buddy’s death.

“Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms could ban accounts, IPs, and stop the spread of this video. YouTube can flag you for using two seconds of a copyrighted song, but can’t seem to filter out my friend ending his life,” Steen said.

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