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Stephen Mcdaniel Reddit: Motive And Confession, Lauren Giddings Murder

Stephen Mcdaniel has no Wikipedia page, but the circumstances of his death are detailed in Discovery’s “A Time to Kill: What Happened to Lauren?” Stephen Mcdaniel is a convicted murderer from Georgia who was sentenced to death for murdering a law student in 2011. Stephen Mcdaniel Reddit: Motive And Confession, Lauren Giddings Murder.

Stephen Mcdaniel: Reddit

Lauren Giddings was a student at the Mercer Law School. He is a native of Lilburn, Georgia. McDaniel was enrolled as a law student and classmate to Lauren Giddings. The murderer also lived in the victim’s neighborhood and was the next-door neighbor.

Mcdaniel was born in the year 1981, during his conviction, he was 31 years old. In 2022, he is in his early forties. He was raised by parents Glenda and Mark Mcdaniel, who both worked in a factory. His father holds a Ph.D. degree, who later became a painter.

Nonetheless, Stephen’s poor parents never had enough time for him. They were shocked to learn of their son’s terrible crime.

Stephen Mcdaniel Had Murdered Lauren Giddings In 2011

Stephen Mcdaniel killed Lauren Giddings exactly on June 26, 2011. Data suggest that he had broken into her apartment in the early morning. Ultimately, the poor lady was strangled to death by Stephen. Her body parts were discovered in a trashcan, with all her limbs chopped off.

Giddings eventually lost touch with her friends and relatives. She was gone for more than four days. Giddings’ close ones were shattered when her dismembered and murdered human torso was found near the site of the assault. Her head was still missing from its original position, as if she had been carried off by someone else.

The torso was identified as Giddings’ after days of interviews and examinations. At the same time, McDaniel had played the part of a concerned neighbor who was uninterested in her disappearance.

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Stephen Mcdaniel Murder Confession Revealed

According to his blog publication, Lauren had a strong animosity for women. He even harassed females during high school and published articles on female violence and torture in the news. Mcdaniel claims that he asked Lauren out on a date. She refused him since she was already involved with someone else, according to him.

Stephen Mcdaniel, in fact, claimed that he had no real purpose to kill the old woman. Stephen informed them that he had thrown her body in many garbage dumpsters after confessing to murdering the poor lady. They were, however, never found.

Where Is Stephen Mcdaniel Today?

Lauren Giddings was murdered in 2010 and convicted murderer McDaniel is incarcerated for life. After police discovered several indicators that linked him to the crime, he was convicted in 2014.

His apartment was searched, and a key to Lauren’s home was found. A pen drive filled with her personal photographs was discovered in his room, as were a hacksaw blade cover he used to disembowel the unfortunate woman.

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