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Who Is Suki Smallwood, John Smallwood Wife?

John and Suki Smallwood were featured on a Channel 4 documentary about A&E: 24 Hours. While they were there, they discussed John’s accident and his health condition. John Smallwood was an exploration manager for a London-based maritime oil and gas business.

John was involved in a collision that resulted in a potentially fatal injury. Despite suffering such a potentially life-threatening accident, John survived and achieved international renown. He had to undergo numerous operations to get into condition. Who Is Suki Smallwood, John Smallwood Wife?

John Smallwood Wife: Suki Smallwood

Suki Smallwood, John Smallwood’s wife, was a doctoral student in psychology who had to put her degree on hold due to his accident. In May 2015, Sukis’ spouse John was cycling home from work in London when he was hit by a car.

John was killed when he slammed into the side of a vehicle and suffered significant injuries. Suki and John were a happy couple with three young children and a decent lifestyle. They both had good educations, and they were following their interests until catastrophe struck.

Following the tragedy, Suki spoke about her husband’s career and the issue shortly on A&E’s 24 hours. She praised the National Health Service and claimed that it had performed an incredible job.

Suki Smallwood Husband John Smallwood

Suki Smallwood’s husband, John Smallwoods’, was killed in a bicycle accident caused by negligent driving. John was riding his training cycle on the A23 in Merstham, near his Surrey home, at the time of the incident. In May 2015, a young woman behind the wheel of a Fiat Punto failed to notice John, who was cycling competitively as a triathlete.

After being struck by a van on April 21, 2018, Jojo was taken to St George Hospital. He received severe brain injuries as a result of the accident and was placed in an induced coma. He spent months at St George Hospital and later at Queen Mary’s Hospital’s neuro-rehabilitation wing.

Mr. Smallwood’s lawyer had to fight hard to obtain an interim payment from the young woman in charge of the Fiat Punto. The motorist acknowledged driving dangerously and was sentenced to six months’ driving suspension.

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Suki Smallwood: Death Cause In Obituary

Suki Smallwoods’ husband, John, died in 2021 as a result of the accident, according to an obituary. The University of Cambridge’s Alumni page has more information about John’s death. Rob Staples, a college buddy of Johns’, had notified the university department about his death. John attended Cambridge University for his bachelor’s degree in earth science.

For almost seven years, John was a student. He completed both undergraduate and graduate studies from 1990 to 1997. Suki Smallwood’s expertise is not published in the news, therefore little information about her is available. Wikipedia and Encyclopedia do not have information on her life or career, despite the fact that she has appeared in several TV shows as well as films such as The Gladiator (2000).

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