Who Are Tina Lee And Eric Lee?


Kodi Lee is the winner of AGT season 14. He’s a Korean-American pianist and singer-songwriter who was born blind because he had an illness that left him sightless at the age of five. Kodi also has Autistic and Addison’s disease, but due to his playing, it appears as if he doesn’t have any issues. Every year on America’s Got Talent, there have been several unique and outstanding contestants, but AGT spectators were gripped by Kodi Lee’s performance.

Since Kodi was a youngster, he’s had numerous diseases, but he hasn’t been able to keep him from realizing his goal. He lights up at every opportunity that comes his way. Kodi’s remarkable spirit and perseverance, as well as his huge ambition and desire to overcome all barriers, have been highlighted in the Orange County Register, Los Angeles Times, and other media outlets. He also uses his abilities to raise awareness for autism and a variety of other worthwhile causes. Who Are Tina Lee And Eric Lee?

Who Are Tina Lee And Eric Lee?

Kodi Lee is the son of AGT stars Tina and Eric Lee. Kodi attributes his success to the unconditional support of his family, which includes younger sister Kayla and younger brother Derek.

Also, as demonstrated by his Instagram posts, Kodi is constantly grateful to his parents for their support. He frequently thinks himself fortunate to have been born into such a wonderful family because it has always given him the encouragement and support he needed to succeed. His mother attributes thanks music for assisting with autism since before he performed, he used on a daily basis but after began performing his ASMR got under control and he discovered his vocation.

The Lees do not want others to feel sorry for Kodi since he has gradually gotten more social after a lot of therapy, and he has also learned how to handle his feelings.

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What Is The Family Origin Of Kodi Lee?

Kodi Lee is an American singer and multi-instrumentalist who won the 14th season of America’s Got Talent. He was born to Tina Lee, an American, and Eric Lee, of Korean ethnicity. Kodi has a YouTube channel on which he appears with his co-stars Kayla and Derk.

His mother also occasionally makes appearances on the show. Backstage, his brother, sister, and father were waiting for their cue. Out in the open on stage, there were a few sentimentalities taking place. His mother said some reassuring words to him before he placed his hands lightly on the piano keys.

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