Toy Boy Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?


The Netflix drama Toy Boy is a 2019 dark erotic thriller that aired on Antena 3. Despite its low ratings when it aired on the network, this series was a hit on Netflix. The second season will be renewed, as Atresmedia has started advertising it.

The new installments, which began filming last April in the Costa del Sol, will be released “very soon” through Atresplayer Premium and other streaming platforms worldwide. They will be available to watch all around the world via Netflix in the future.

Following the Inferno’s devastation, the series will have to relocate, but Hugo’s life will not get any easier, as he has demonstrated his innocence while making a slew of new foes. Everything will become more challenging as a consequence of this, as well as his desire to bring vengeance on the individual who is accountable for Triana’s death.

This will take Hugo to One Percent, a luxury strip club where he will begin his investigation into what happened. The issue is that the two Italian brothers who own the club aren’t going to like it if anyone investigates any further.

The Cast of Toy Boy Season 2

The program will keep almost its entire cast, with the exception of a few news personnel. Jess Mosquera (There Down), Cristina Castao (The one that is coming), and Mara Pedraza (Elite) are among those featured on his poster, which was published on September 9th. On Thursday, September 9, Lex González and Federica Sabatini, as well as two new recruits, were seen on his campaign poster.

Maxi Iglesias (Physics or Chemistry) will be introduced in the conclusion of season two. Enrique Arce (House of Paper), Paco Marn (Journalists), Ibrahim Al Shami (Valeria), Toni Zenet (Hache), and Juan Betancourt (Hache) are among the other characters who will appear in the film, which is governed by thermodynamics principles.

The returning cast includes Carlo Costanza, Jose de la Torre, Raudel Ral Martiato, and Juanjo Almeida as the dancers. Pedro Casablanc, Mara Pujalte, Adelfa Calvo, José Manuel Seda, and Miriam Daz-Aroca are among the cast members.

The Storyline

The sequel to Toy Boy will take place in Marbella, where a new high-end strip club will serve as the backdrop for some of the action. The dancers begin dancing there in an effort to obtain information. “The Dior pyjamas you soaked in the Inferno were Dior pyjamas,” says one teaser. “And here they are from Dior,” adds another preview. There will be spoilers ahead!

After being accused of murder, the protagonist, Hugo (Jesus Mosquera), has shown his innocence, but he has made new rivals along the way. Following a bomb explosion in the Inferno, Triana (Mara Pedraza) is on the verge of death.

The protagonist will look into who tried to kill the lawyer. To find out what really happened, he and his allies will attempt to figure out the One Percent. This company’s owners will do everything they can to keep their malevolent secrets secret.

Toy Boy 2:When Will It Be Released?

It’s obvious that the series will premiere on Atresplayer before being exported to Netflix internationally.

Finally, on September 26, 2021, ‘Toy Boy Season 2’ will premiere on Atresplayer and Netflix worldwide for its second season.

Trailer for Toy Boy Season 2

Yes, a trailer for Season 2 of Toy Boy is available.

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