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Who Is Trina Guytingco, Joshua Garcia’s New Girlfriend?

Joshua Garcia’s new girlfriend, Trina Guytingco, is currently making the rounds on the internet.Trina Guytingco is a professional basketball player from the Philippines who has recently made headlines for her new love life.

Furthermore, Joshua Garcia posted several photos of her with their admirers, which piqued their interest. Joshua, a well-known Filipino actor, and a well-known basketball star dating one other is the finest thing fans could have hoped for.Fans of Trina and Joshua are already rooting for the new pair in town. Who Is Trina Guytingco, Joshua Garcia’s New Girlfriend?

Trina Guytingco: Who Is She?

Trina Guytingco is a well-known Ateneo women’s basketball player and the new girlfriend of Jose Garcia. She is recognized for her leadership abilities as a guard and has led teams to victory throughout her career. Wikipedia does not yet have a page for Trina Guytingco. She started playing at an early age, and her enthusiasm for the sport helped her flourish as she got older.

Trina is widely recognized for her music and athletic achievements. She’s also released a number of singles that have met with critical acclaim from her followers. Trina has recently made headlines after Joshua, a prominent actor, shared some of her photographs on Instagram. They are currently one of the most popular simps on the internet.

Trina Guytingco And Joshua Garcia Age

Trina Guytingo is a 24-year-long-old basketball player who stands at 1.73 meters tall. Joshua Garcia’s current girlfriend was born in Manila, Philippines, on August 23, 1997. Joshua Garcia was born in October 7, 1997, and he is 1.83 m tall.

Trina and Joshua were only a few months apart in age, as well as more than two feet tall. Despite their age and height differences, Trina and Joshua appear to be very close and devoted to each other. It’s not like their fans haven’t already praised the new couple before now.

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Trina Guytingco Relationship

Joshua Garcia, an actor, posted photographs of Trine, a basketball player, on Instagram in September 2018. Garcia appeared to be on vacation or on tour with his new girlfriend. Joshua and Trina were the center of attention among their fans; their relationship was debated.

The new couple appears to be playing games on their own, while the basketball player dating the actor goes around the internet. Until now, Guytingco had been reposting the story and giving someone a chance.

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