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Who is Tyler Hynes Girlfriend? Is He Married?

Tyler Tyler Hynes could be your guy if you like a sharp-looking man with dark hair. He is a Canadian actor who has a thick beard and long locks, which makes him even more attractive. He is an actor as well as a director, producer and editor.

His name has become more popular in Hallmark movies. Fans wonder if he is married or dating. Or single. Tyler is one example of these celebrities. We are about to tell you all about Tyler Hynes’ love story.

Tyler Hynes Girlfriend

Tyler doesn’t like to reveal too much information when discussing a relationship. Tyler said in an interview that he had a girlfriend but didn’t reveal her identity.

Tyler revealed that Tyler’s girlfriend had his twitter password. She could therefore open his account whenever she wants. Tyler seemed to not mind.

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“Oh yes, my girlfriend opened my Twitter the other night. Tyler was shocked when she told him that I had so many Twitter followers. He confessed that he was not a regular social media user. He did try Instagram and opened his Twitter to keep up with his followers.

That’s a good thing, because we can at least see a small glimpse of his life via his Instagram! We shouldn’t expect much from his social media as glimpses into his private life are rare.

Tyler was reported to have dated in 2018. They are still together until now. Strange things happened though. Tyler deleted the Instagram photo of his girlfriend in 2017.

His girlfriend was pictured with her dog. Tyler added a caption saying “missing my girls”. You can see still footage of her photo on the internet. The outfit she wore was a navy blue T-shirt and sporty style. Many people are puzzled as to why he deleted that photo.

Although fans speculated that it was because of their split, they remained together long after. Does this mean Tyler doesn’t want to reveal the identity of his girlfriend?

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His girlfriend’s name was Racquel Nathasha, but the name has already been leaked. She is a commercial model. Unfortunately, this is all we know about Tyler’s girlfriend.

Tyler and Racquel seem to have a peaceful and quiet life. They are not mentioned in any media reports, and we don’t see them on the paparazzi photos. They are totally under the radar.

Is He Married Now?

Tyler Hynes currently works for Hallmark’s You Are Always You. It received positive reviews from all its viewers since its premiere on February 27th.

Tyler played the role of David in the film. Elizabeth is played by Erin Krakow. Tyler and Erin Krakow seemed to have spent a lot of time together shortly after the show ended. Tyler even uploaded some photos.

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