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Vertically Oriented Igneous Intrusion Meme

A Tumblr post about a vertically oriented igneous intrusion has been making the rounds on Reddit, but why is it controversial? Vertically Oriented Igneous Intrusion Meme.

Geology humour goes Reddit viral

While Tumblr is no longer in existence, people will continue to share their content on other platforms. A weird yet educational joke was posted to Reddit and has since garnered interest because of how perplexed the audience is. A straight guy geologist describing a vertically oriented igneous intrusion to his buddy: it’s a well, I’m not sure I can reclaim this one. get over here.

What is a vertically oriented igneous intrusion?

A dike is a joke that refers to a vertically oriented igneous intrusion, which may be referred to as the D-word for lesbian women. That’s why the straight male geologist struggled to describe it without using the pejorative term, and had to speak in private with his buddy.

Vertically oriented igneous intrusions/dikes are, in addition to being a mouthful, subterranean sheets of rock that cut through the strata of the surrounding regions of rock. They develop when molten magma is injected into the bodies of rock and then cooled.

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Did anyone understand the meme?

There were a few who got it, but there was at least one Redditor who understood the joke and only had four weeks of engineering geology to thank for it.

For others, the meme went over their heads, with one person thinking vertically oriented igneous intrusion were stalagmites, which doesn’t make any sense. The term “dike” has two meanings: It may also be a manmade construction used to keep water back, such as a levee or embankment.

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