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Vivian Kent Now: Is Vivian Kent Based on a Real Journalist?

The American drama miniseries Inventing Anna premiered on February 11, 2022. The viewers are excited to watch the series, particularly those who know the young New York City socialite Anna Delvey. In Netflix’s “Inventing Anna,” the strange tale of the young New York City socialite Anna Delvey, who rubs shoulders with the city’s richest while acting like a German heiress with a large trust fund, is recounted.

Anna’s tale, on the other hand, begins to fall apart when she is arrested after leaving a trail of large unpaid debts in her wake.

The cast of characters in the series is amazing. The story features a diverse group of people who play important roles in the plot. Many individuals have already started watching the program and are looking forward to its conclusion. Furthermore, many individuals want to learn more about Anna Delvey and her saga.

Is Vivian Kent Based on a Real Person?

Yes, the character of Inventing Anna is based on real-life journalist Jessica Pressler. In 2018, Jessica wrote a lengthy piece about the true Anna Sorokin. The headline of an article published in New York Magazine was How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People, and showrunner Shonda Rhimes and Netflix were intrigued by it. They then decided to turn Anna’s tale into a film.

Another of Pressler’s New York Magazine pieces, the 2019 film ‘Hustlers,’ was inspired by ‘The Hustlers at Scores.’ During her career, she has worked for GQ, Elle, Esquire, and other publications.

She is the daughter of Judith and Michael Pressler and was born in Marblehead, Massachusetts. She studied English at Temple University and worked as a magazine writer in Philadelphia before freelancing for celebrity magazines.

She served as Daily Intelligencer’s editor at New York Magazine, where she rose to the position of news blog editor. As previously stated, her article “The Hustlers at Scores” was turned into a 2019 film. According to Pressler, her work won a National Magazine Award for being nominated for Best Business Writing in Columbia Journalism School’s Best Business Writing anthologies. Her pieces have been published in several editions of Columbia Journalism School’s Best Business Writing anthologies over the years.

Although the series does not focus on Vivian’s personal life, certain aspects of the narrative are based on her real-life experience. Following an article by Pressler about a high school student in New York City who made $72 million from stock trading, she became involved in a debate. The student had never earned any money; it later turned out that he had no idea what he was doing. Jessica, who was supposed to join the Bloomberg News investigative team, stayed with New York Magazine instead, most likely as a result of this incident.

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Who is Julia Garner, and how did she prepare for the role?

Anna in a miniseries is played by Julia Garner, an actress. She brought the character to life with elegance on screen. However, she had to put in a lot of effort while playing the part. Vivien Kent is a journalist who covers Anna’s entire story before a live audience in front of her.

Vivian is a journalist looking for reasons to prove herself after her divorce from Aaron Carter who investigates Anna Delvey’s case as part of her research for the role. Julia Garner went to Rikers Island Prison as part of her preparation for the role, meeting real Anna Delvey for the first time.

At the start of their discussion, Anna asked Julia about her shoot and how she planned to depict her in the series. Even with journalist and co-writer Jessica Pressler in attendance during the interview, Julia found Anna to be frightening at times. Nonetheless, the series is a hit among viewers.

It may now be watched on Netflix. Viewers have been leaving reviews on social media since it became available. ‘This entire narrative is entirely true,’ Netflix’s credit expressly states . Except for the parts that aren’t true at all.’

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