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Who Is Wayne Perry? Know Everything about Drug Dealer

Wayne Perry is an American drug dealer and gangster. He is most well-known as an partner with Alpo Martinez, the drug boss who controlled The New York and Washington, D.C. region.

Aside from the drug dealings and drug trafficking operations, Alpo and Perry were known for their ruthless gangster lifestyle and vicious murders.

Now that Alpo is confirmed to be dead in a shoot-out, many of his associates, including Perry, have started to regain notoriety worldwide.

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Wayne Perry Now

Wayne Perry’s current whereabouts remain unlocated at the moment. Our sources claim that he is still in prison serving a life sentence though the exact person location is not on display as of now.

Perry, described as one of the dangerous men in the business, is still alive and counting his days to get off his sentence.

Per Daily News, Perry had agreed on a life sentence instead of the death penalty in 1994 after he testified against his friend and partner, Alpo.

It all happened after Alpo had testified against him in the first place. It is unknown whether both Alpo and Perry had reconciled even after so many years.

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Wayne Perry Wife

Wayne Perry Wife: He is unmarried, as of 2021.

Wayne Perry Net Worth 2021 Revealed

The infamous gangster Silk’s net worth figures remain unknown as of 2021. It is for sure that he had gained enough wealth during his gangster days though that is not the case anymore.

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