What Does “Trauma Dumping” TikTok Mean?


After her TikTok trauma-dumping clip, netizens slammed Ilene Glance as a mental health therapist. Scroll down to learn more about its significance and find out whether she is still active on TikTok. Ilene Glance is a therapist who also uses TikTok. She caused a stir when she uploaded a POV video chronicling her client’s first traumatic dump session.

Glance explained that she was only attempting to be adorable in the video. The viewers, though, misinterpreted her remarks and she got a lot of criticism from her followers. On October 19th, Ilene published the video. She then kept to her planned engagements. By the time she looked at her phone, it was filled with alerts.

Glance has received numerous negative remarks and judgments. She was also dubbed a trauma-dumping therapist in light of her actions. As a result, she eventually deleted her TikTok account.

What Does “Trauma Dumping” TikTok Mean?

TikTok’s trauma dumping is directly linked to the video of Ilene Glance, also known as @sidequesttherapy. The literal meaning of the phrase “trauma dumping,” on the other hand, is quite different. It simply implies letting out our anxiety and rage after experiencing some type of traumatic event.

According to USA Today, it is distinct from venting and considered more toxic and self-victimizing. Trauma dumping, unlike venting, is one-sided and does not require listeners’ involvement. However, if you seek professional therapy, the situation may be resolved. They will walk you through what you should do and shouldn’t do, as well as help you move forward.

Ilene Glance LMHC aka sidequesttherapy

Ilene Glance, better known as Sidequest Therapy on TikTok, is a Licensed Medical Health Counselor (LMHC). She’s a therapist who became famous after her traumatic video on TikTok. Many people from different backgrounds have sought her assistance.

Glance engages with 14- to 25-year-old young people. She previously assisted Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students following the 2018 mass shooting in Parkland. We have no idea about her career outside of that.

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Ilene Glance Age And Wikipedia Explored

Ilene Glance appears to be in her 30s or 40s. She has not revealed her birthday information. However, she is a resident of Florida and is a citizen of the United States.

Despite the fact that she has made headlines on the internet, Glance cannot be found on Wikipedia. She received her degree from Nova Southeastern University in 2007 and is also a licensed medical health counselor who specializes in trauma therapy.

What Is Ilene Glance Net Worth?

Under the rock lies Ilene Glance’s net worth. She has a comfortable existence and is well-off. Furthermore, she receives a good sum of money every year that is added to her wealth.

A trauma therapist makes an average of $76,704 per year according on ZipRecutiter. Glance has years of expertise, therefore her salary might be about $80,000.

Meet The Therapist On Instagram

Ilene Glance is not on Instagram. However, she may be found on TikTok as Sidequest Therapy. After a lot of criticism, she got rid or shutdown her previous account.

Glance currently has 876 followers on her current account, which was created after she deactivated or deleted her previous one.

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