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Why were Cane and Corey ‘let go’ from Alt 92.3 New York?

Fans of Alt 92.3 New York are eagerly awaiting to learn the reasons behind Cane and Corey’s departure from the radio station. So, let’s see why they were given the boot and what lies ahead for them as a team.

The pair has previously been on Audacy’s “Alt 98.7″WDZH Detroit and “104.3 The Shark” WSFS Miami, which have both ended their associations with them. They’ve recently been dropped from “FM 101.9” WQMP Orlando and it appears as if Alt 92.3 New York is going the same path.Cane and Corey have been on Alt 92.3 New York since September 2020 as permanent contributors. Many feel that mornings will never be the same without them.

Why were Cane and Corey ‘let go’?

The Cane & Corey Show was taken off of Audacy Alternative “Alt 92.3” WNYL New York. The pair stated in a podcast published yesterday that they were let go for uploading a podcast with their producer, Jai, to Apple and Spotify. This was apparently a breach of contract, therefore they had to face the consequences for this behavior.

After airing a profanity, their program has been suspended for two weeks. These events may have exacerbated the problem. They also stated on the podcast how they were off-air this week due to Audacy’s new vaccine requirement; none of them had been immunized.

At the end of 2018, WNYL hired Corey B as its morning host. He previously hosted nights at CHR “B96” WBBM-FM Chicago and “B97” WEZB New Orleans. Cane Peterson is well known to many for hosting evenings on Hot AC 102.7 WNEWat along with Lee Mroszak, who was formerly known as Cane. Minneapolis native Cane moved away from his home when he was 18 after graduating from broadcasting school; he has been destined for radio since then.

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Cane and Corey’s new podcast

During the three weeks they were off the air, Kerman and Cane wanted to keep people amused by producing a podcast. As a result, they published a podcast that uses a Patreon-based subscription system for subscribers. Many listeners tuned in to hear what the pair had to say about circulating gossip suggesting that News 1010 WINS was moving to 92.3.

The morning crew at WRKF has called it quits, as announced by co-host Riley Lassin on Instagram. She joined Cane & Corey shortly after their debut on the station in October 2020.

Although she did not participate in their podcast, she informed listeners that there would be no more morning shows. She clarified that she had some “cool things brewing,” implying that this isn’t the end of her career.

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Alt 92.3 New York fans react to the news

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