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Xandra Pohl’s Boyfriend: Jack Touzet Comes From Wealthy Family

Xandra Pohl is most well-known for her TikTok account, xandrapohl. She has also made a name for herself in the beauty industry. Her “get ready with me” videos have gained her the most popularity; she frequently does skincare, hair styling, and makeup.

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Her social life as a college student is revealed in several of her videos. As a college student, she easily balances her academic responsibilities with her active social life, giving her followers a glimpse into the life of a young, ambitious woman.

She has gained her 1.2 million fans on multiple occasions since it went viral. In July 2019, she became active on TikTok. Find more out Xandra Pohl’s boyfriend: Jack Touzet comes from wealthy family.


Who is Xandra Pohl’s dating?

Xandra Pohl is dating Jack Touzet. He comes from a wealthy Touzet family from Miami. His parents Rudy Touzet and Lydia Touzet are billionaire.

Jack comes from a wealthy family but he didn’t become well-known until after he had a well reported romantic relationship with social media influencer Xandra Pohl, who is well-known for her viral TikTok videos. The couple enjoys posting romantic photos on various social media platforms.


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Who is Jack Touzet?

Jack’s birth name is, Jonathan Prio Touzet and went to elementary and high school in Miami. He then attented University of Miami Herbert School. He has also worked part-time as a marketing assistant at Banyan Street Capital. His father is Rudy Touzet Sr’s company valued at $3.5 billion, making him a billionaire.


He has an older brother named, Rudy who is an R&B singer, by profession. Jack Touzet’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million right now. Touzet family, one of the wealthiest families in Miami.

How old is Xandra Pohl?

Xandra Pohl’s age is 21 years old. She is of Cuban-American ethnicity. She was born in 2002. He frequently posts videos with Xandra on TikTok.

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