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Battle Freestyle Release Date, Cast, Story, Plot

Battle Freestyle is the sequel to Ingvild Sderlind’s 2018 film Battle, which was based on the novel by Norwegian author Maja Lunde. The movie is exclusively available on Netflix and lasts for 1 hour and 28 minutes, making it a quick watch. Ellen Dorrit Peterson reprises her role as Amalie’s estranged mother. She has been a joy to have in the cast. The sequel picks up three years after the Battle series concludes.

Amalie, along with Mikael and his crew Illicit, has now become a hip-hop dancer. They are chosen to compete in a dance competition in Paris, where Amalie’s mother works as a dance teacher. The conflict between Amalie’s desire to be with her mother and her love for hip-hop is depicted in the film. Battle Freestyle Release Date, Cast, Story, Plot.

Battle Freestyle Plot

Her recurring, chaotic life is brought to light by Mikaels illumination. She constantly finds herself in turmoil, which he explains with his narrative. His tale illuminates her reality, which is persistently disarrayed. She has stayed loyal to her teammates even as she participates in a dance competition for cash. The majority of the teams that participate in these events are focused on improving their skill level and technique. They must pay their rent and utilities, therefore winning as a group gives them a break. Any dancer who wishes to make a career out of dance must learn how to do so; these competitions provide a secure haven for up-and-coming crews.

When Joseph learns that he will be unable to remain with his team, he is the first to inform them. He’s about to become a father, and keeping his expenses under control is at the top of his list. The crew’s reactions to Joseph’s news were varied. Amalie enters the room just in time to tell them that they’ve been chosen to dance against other dance crews from all around the world in a competition in Paris for a 30,000 Euro grand prize. They begin putting together their routine, which makes the event quickly approaching.

When Amalie and her mother, Vivian Prytz, land in Paris, she considers phoning the Academy’s Director, Vivian Prytz. She understands that being away from home for so long will evoke the most negative sentiments. She quickly slides a dancing competition flier under her mother’s office door for a few moments, just missing reaching out and grabbing her. Her father, who has been her pillar of strength thus far, encourages Amalie to include her mother in her life. Amalie is only continuing because her father instructed her to do so.

Amalie is getting used to the routine during practice sessions. Everyone is getting closer to showcasing their talents and personalities on stage for the rest of the world to see. She’s excited to finally meet her mother. Amalie plans to catch her mother by surprise by showing up when she least expects it. Regardless, she appears and they have a conversation.

Amalie is concerned if her mother has forgotten about her after all these years, but the reality is quite different. Amalie realises that she has another shot at the academy as the tale goes on. Only when Mikael learns that Amalie’s mother is going to Paris for a three-year academic dance education does he find out about her plans. Vivian’s verbal jab irritates Mikael, and he leaves in annoyance, leaving Amalie torn between her mother and boyfriend.

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Battle: Freestyle Cast

  • As Amalie, Lisa Teige takes the role.
  • Mikael is played by Fabian Svegaard Tapia.
  • Vivian Bao is played by Ellen Dorrit Petersen. With Andre Nguyen as Moa.
  • Aziman Alex Morad Aziman Josef Keiona Fabienne Anta Georgia May Anta
  • Lea Djyl as Maxine
  • Ella Adeline Taylor, played by Lea Lavabre, was the MC.
  • Hans Christian and Ola G. Furuseth
  • Gabrielle Philou is played by Christine Grace Szarko.

Battle Freestyle Reviews

Dance and drama can make for a wonderful mix. Even sophisticated and beautiful dance sequences, though, are unable to compensate for a lack of narrative in Battle: Freestyle. The movie follows Amalie, a passionate dancer, as she travels to Paris with her crew to participate in one of the most important competitions they’ve ever had to face, the renowned Break the Cypher Paris.

However, as she reconnects with her estranged mother, she finds herself losing interest in the race as her complicated relationship with her mother consumes the majority of her time and attention. The film provided a fantastic platform to explore Amalie’s and her mother’s dynamic in greater depth, which was an intriguing concept.

However, the manner in which it went about doing it is extremely disappointing, one of several instances where the script is bland and uninspired. Apart from being uninteresting, the writing is plagued by a lack of focus and clarity.

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