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Brazen 2 release date updates, cast, synopsis, and more

Netflix has added Brazen, which stars Alyssa Milano and is set to premiere on June 5. Do you want to know more about Grace Miller? Here’s what we know so far about Brazen 2.

If you loved Netflix’s Brazen, you might be interested in seeing more. The case was closed by the conclusion, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any additional murders. There will almost certainly be further investigations for handsome detective Ed Jackson. Grace Miller may find herself compelled to offer her abilities to assist track down another murderer.

There hasn’t been an announcement of a sequel yet. That isn’t unexpected, given that the film just came out. Even blockbuster hits like Red Notice didn’t get a sequel until after the movie had run its course on Netflix to grab people’s attention. For a while, we won’t hear anything about a Brazen 2 potential. That isn’t to say we aren’t interested in a sequel. Here’s what we know so far about it.

Brazen 2 release date prediction

There isn’t a specific release date yet since the film hasn’t been confirmed. Filming for movies is significantly faster than for TV shows, so if a sequel is ordered within the next few months, we may see the follow-up in early 2023.

Brazen 2 cast

We’d want to see Alyssa Milano reprise her role as Grace Miller. Additionally, we’d want to see Sam Page return as Ed Jackson again.

It’s possible that the pair will return, but it all depends on whether they’ll be able to do so. It’s also conceivable that the sequel will be another Nora Roberts novel in her D.C. Detectives series.

Brazen 2 synopsis

There isn’t a follow-up book. In other Nora Roberts novels, Grace Miller and Ed Jackson do not appear again. It’s difficult to guess what the synopsis for a sequel might be because of this.

Instead of launching a new murder for Grace and Ed to solve, maybe Netflix will revisit another Nora Roberts novel. The D.C. Detectives series is the first book in Sacred Sins , and there are plenty more thriller novels from the author. Could we see another Nora Roberts film franchise like Netflix is doing with Harlen Cohen novels?

Brazen 2 trailer

There isn’t a sequel in the works, so we don’t have a trailer yet. We’ll keep you updated as soon as one is published.

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