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Cowboy Bebop fans started a petition to ‘save’ Netflix live-action show

Netflix has abandoned plans for an anime version of Cowboy Bebop, which aired its debut on November 19th, less than three weeks after the live-action program was canceled. Fans have launched a petition to try and keep the series going.

Even after being a much-anticipated event, the 10-part series didn’t receive the best reception. John Cho, Mustafa Shakir, and Daniella Pineda played three “cowboys” in Cowboy Bebop, all of whom were trying to outrun their pasts.

The series was adapted from the 1998 Japanese anime and was commissioned by Netflix in 2018. This, sadly, appears to be the finale unless Bebop devotees can “rescue” it!

Cowboy Bebop fans started a petition to ‘save’ the show

The Cowboy Bebop live-action show on Netflix is in danger of being canceled, according to a Change.org petition started by Daniel Ortiz. It currently has 390 signatures. The goal is for the number of signatories to reach 500, making it more likely to appear on the suggested page. With over 200 signatures in less than 24 hours, it appears that the appeal may go viral.

“It’s obvious why Cowboy Bebop needs to be saved,” Ortiz said in his defense. “The reactions were varied, but many anime fans enjoyed the program. The actors played the characters very well and the music was accurate. The backstory provided to everyone was excellent, with the majority of negative reviews coming from major critics. If this is why it was cancelled, it should be disregarded. It is a critic’s duty to pick apart films and television shows meticulously. Take into account what people want.”

Ortiz continued to write: “There have been many attempts at making a live-action anime in the past. Cowboy Bebop has done the best job out of every attempt thus far. People were upset with Death Note and rumours say another one is being made. The changes made in cowboy bebop were not bad and now we won’t know what they wanted to do with the story. As a die-hard fan of the anime, I as well as others who sign this petition would love to see the rest of the vision come to life. If other shows can come back because of fans like Chuck, then I’m sure it can be done here.”

Fans want Netflix live-action show to have second season

On the other hand, there are many people who didn’t enjoy the live-action series at all. Cowboy Bebop was a Japanese anime created back in 1998. Anime fans were hesitant when it was initially announced that a live-action of the anime was being produced as they have seen a lot of anime to live-action attempts. Many of which did not receive successful critics. Others also feel that the success of Cowboy Bebop as an anime piece was due to Yoko Kanno. The composer crafted a wonderful soundtrack that aided the storyline of the anime, therefore, from the outset many were apprehensive.

Some people feel that season one may not have been a great success, but they believe season 2 was absolutely essential to the plot. Many are disappointed because the story from season 1 did not seem complete, thus it has been canceled before the action can be continued.

One petitioner is asking for a second season of the anime Cowboy Bebop, which has been waiting over 20 years for one. One Change.org page asked that Watanabe Shinichirō himself state that he thought the show deserved a beginning, climax, and conclusion.

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