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Who Is Elizabeth Ragsdale, Simon Monjack Wife?

When Elizabeth Ragsdale was featured in the Brittany Murphy documentary, she became something of a sensation. Let’s learn more about her former fiancé Simon Monjack. What Happened, Brittany Murphy? showed Elizabeth Ragsdale in HBO MAX.

Brittnay was a beloved icon in the year 2000. Her demise sparked a wave of public emotion. Tuberculosis, anemia, and pharmaceuticals were discovered to be the cause of her death.

The 32-year-old actress died in her bathtub, apparently from pneumonia, iron deficiency, and medication toxicity. Simon was viewed as the prime suspect. However, there was no proof against him. After 12 years since Brittnay’s passing away, Simon also passed away due to the same factors.

Who Is Elizabeth Ragsdale? Simon Monjack Wife Or Former Fiancée

The ex-girlfriend of Simon Monjack is Elizabeth Ragsdale. Simon has been the subject of news stories due to his previous marriage with actress Brittany Murphy. 40-year-old Simon was a director from Buckinghamshire who was best known for his work on Factory Girl and Nine Lives. The director and Elizabeth met in 2006 and married shortly after.

According to reports, Elizabeth was one of his assets before he met Brittny. Monjack was twice married. Simone Bienne was his first wife. After their divorce in 2007, the British therapist stayed with him for five months before calling it quits. In 2007, Simone Bienne received alimony of 63,000 dollars following their divorce.

Elizabeth Ragsdale Wikipedia: How Did She Die?

No, Elizabeth Ragsdale is not deceased. She does not have a Wikipedia page since she is not a celebrity. When she appeared in the Brittan Murphy documentary, her life came to light. She described her relationship with Simon during that part of the interview.

The pair got engaged after dating for a short period of time. Things went south when Ragsdale revealed she was expecting.

Simon became frantic, and he paid for her ticket to fly back to the United States so that she could give birth there. When she arrived at her hotel room, though, she was abandoned. That was the last time she heard from home. Her terrible encounter with her former lover has left an indelible impression on her memory.

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How Old Was Elizabeth Ragsdale?

Elizabeth Ragsdale’s age is a mystery. She is averse to publicity, and information on her life is scarce. We estimate that she is in her late 30s. Similarly, her family background and upbringing are likewise concealed.

Because her former spouse has died, she seeks to conceal her identity further. Furthermore, being harassed day and night for information is unpleasant for everyone. There are no photographs of her on the internet, either.

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