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Felicity Marmaduke Baby: Her story of got pregnant by a dead man in 2010

Felicity Marmaduke, an employee at Mourning Glory Mortuary who was arrested after having intercourse with a dead body. She was reportedly shocked when the victim experienced an orgasm after having sex with the body. It is reported that a positive result from a DNA test performed following the child’s birth was found.

In 2010, Felicity Marmaduke stated she became pregnant from an already-dead man. The tragedy occurred more than 13 years ago and also now in 2024 this topic frequently makes headlines. The mystery behind Felicity’s pregnancy have caught the public’s imagination for years.

Her story continues to fascinate and puzzle experts in the medical field. Many theories have been made but none have been able to definitively explain this perplexing phenomenon. As the media continues to cover this ongoing story, the public remains waiting for any updates or breakthroughs.

Felicity Marmaduke Age

Felicity Marmaduke was born somewhere in 1972. As of 2024, she is 52 years old. She is of white ethnic background and follows Christianity.

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Felicity Marmaduke Pregnancy Explored

Felicity Marmaduke whose client was a deadman and had gotten her pregnant was being held on a $250,000 bond. Documents indicate that while her employment at the Mourning Glory Mortuary, which is located in Lexington, Missouri, she had sex with the body. Police accused her of necrophilia and disrespect of the dead body after the incident.

Felicity said, she had sex with itself after experiencing a postmortem erection while taking a bath. She later missed her period and while having a standard medical checkup, Felicity realized, she was pregnant. After the baby was eventually born, she approached the dead man’s family to request child support.

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