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Immortal Snail Meme Explained

The newest meme that has taken the Internet by storm and left users extremely puzzled involves an ‘Immortal Snail.’

It poses an interesting question that has led to users getting very creative when thinking of answers to escape the ‘Snail Assassin’.

What is the meaning of Immortal Snail Meme?

Immortal Snail also known as the Snail Assassin, refers to a hypothetical scenario in which a person is given millions of dollars and made immortal in exchange for being hunted down by a snail with a fatal touch for the rest of their existence.

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Immortal Snail Meme Origin

On August 26th 2014, episode #285 of the Rooster Teeth Podcast was released.

In the podcast hosts Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Matt Hullum and Burnie Burns discussed a fictitious situation in which someone receives $10 million dollars in exchange for a snail following them wherever they go and potentially killing them by one touch.

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Immortal Snail Meme Twitter Reacts

Users took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the viral meme and also provide some hilarious responses to the hypothetical scenario. Check out the best tweets here!

One user wrote: “I seal the snail in a glass bowl filled with saltwater. I take that glass bowl, place it in a tungsten box filled with expandable foam and seal it. Then throw it in the Marianas Trench. In this version I’m not immortal nor is the snail super intelligent… I’ll take the 10 mil.”

While another user tweeted: “Launch the snail into the sun. That immortal snail is gonna have a really miserable existence.”

One Twitter user did not want to take the risk saying: “I don’t have enough information. If this snail is immortal, has GPS on you at all times, and is instantly lethal by any contact, how do I know it isn’t hiding any additional powers? I’m not willing to take the risk”.

Another user was puzzled by the ability of the snail saying: “Unstoppable like it can walk through walls and other stuff? Like I couldn’t just put the snail into a box or smth?”

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