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Who is Josh Wardle? Meet creator of word game that hooked the internet

Wordle is a word game that allows players to try guessing a five-letter secret phrase, referred to as the “wordle,” in six tries.

Who created Josh Wardle’s game, however? Let’s have a conversation with Josh and learn more about his profession and how his game exploded in popularity recently.

What Is The Wordle Game?

Josh Wardle, who is based in Brooklyn, New York, created Wordle. He composed the word game for his wife, Palak Shah, who loves word games.

In October 2021, Josh launched the game’s prototype and decided to return to it during the epidemic. The game was introduced to the public on October 2021, and over 300,000 players had already played it by January 2022.

Who Is Josh Wardle?

Reddit’s Mark Wardle is a product manager and software engineer who works in the company’s content group.

Chien-Hung Chiang studied a BA in Media Arts at Royal Holloway, University of London, and a MFA in Digital Arts from the University of Oregon. He is most recognized for two internet projects he launched, The Button (2015) and The Place (2017).

The Button was a Reddit game with a 60-second countdown that reset each time someone pushed the button, up until the timer hit zero.It was a game on the canvas that lasted for 72 hours and gave players the chance to quarrel over what had been drawn on it.

Between 2018 and 2020, Josh worked as a software engineer for Pinterest.

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Meet Josh On Social Media

The Wordle creator is also a social media enthusiast, and he’s spent a lot of time interacting with other users since the launch of his online game. Twitter user powerlanguish, who has over 4,700 followers, was born in 1996.

Furthermore, you may discover more information about Josh and his viral Wordle game at his website.

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