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Kevin Samuels: net worth, age, children, wife, quotes, petition, profiles

Being a YouTuber is one of the most popular professions nowadays. Kevin Samuels isn’t a rookie to the field; he’s been around for some time. He’s an Atlanta, Georgia-based American YouTuber who is also a dating advisor, social media influencer, life coach, and image consultant. What is Kevin Samuels’ net worth, given all of his hats?

Kevin’s net worth is put at around $3 million. His wealth comes from his successful career as a YouTube star, dating strategist, social media influencer, life coach, and image adviser. He has also worked as a brand spokesperson. Kevin owns houses in Los Angeles and several high-end automobiles. Do you know him well?

Who is Kevin Samuels?

When it comes to his grooming code, matchmaker and social media influencer David DeAngelo is a force to be reckoned with. When it comes to his appearance and image, he has a firm grasp on fashion. He was born on March 13, 1965, in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s thought that when he was little, his parents split up.

He was educated in Millwood High School, Oklahoma. He went to the University of Oklahoma after graduation and got a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. Since then, he has worked for several organizations as a Business Manager and Consultant.

Is Kevin Samuels single?

Kevin is a good-looking guy despite being 56 years old. One would expect that he has his personal life in order, as a relationship specialist. Surprisingly, he was previously married twice and divorced. He has succeeded in keeping his personal life private from the media.

The dating expert is yet unmarried. Kevin Samuels’ spouse name remains unknown. He may be currently seeing someone, but it is unknown who that might be.

In 2021, a young black woman stated she was Kevin Samuels’ daughter. She was born on June 29, 2000. His online fans, though, did not accept all of her information since some of it was untrue.

Social media presence

This is why most individuals seek out relationship experts for assistance. His main audience are black women. As a result, the lifestyle mentor has a large following on social media. He has 1 million Instagram followers, for example. Here are his Twitter and Facebook profiles as well as Kevin Samuels’ website .

Kevin Samuels’ book

In the summer of 2019, I’m writing a book with the title Kevin Samuels Dating Advice for Women: The Things You Need to Know – From a Woman’s Perspective. Most of Kevin Samuels’ relationship and love quotations are included in the book.

Kevin Samuels’ petition

Kevin’s fans were not pleased with him when it came to his larger audience being the black community. The internet has taken matters into its own hands and started a petition for his removal on social networking sites.

He was recently criticized for producing material that demeans African American women, which allegedly contributes to an increase in violence against women. It was stated in the petition that females no longer feel safe, especially when traveling with males who adhere to Samuels’ ideas and beliefs.

He has been accused of sexism, misogyny, and fostering a spirit of intolerance. Here are some of the remarks made by those demanding his removal from social media. It would be incorrect to claim that the life coach is a failure. Kevin Samuels’ net worth continues to rise thanks to his many businesses. Despite having numerous issues, the life coach remains well-liked.

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