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Kie Kie Pregnancy, Baby’s Name & more

Kie Kie is a popular skit maker, actress, model, and content creator best known for her YouTube channel Kie Kie TV. She is a creative personality that has found success in the entertainment industry, by always wearing fashion pieces that become trends. Not only is she a pacesetter in the fashion industry, but it has also become one of her passions that she has managed to turn into a career. Here are some key facts about your much-celebrated TV personality that you’re sure to love.

Kie Kie Age

The fashionable Bukunmi didn’t always reside in the bustling city of Lagos. She was actually born and raised with her siblings in Ibadan, capital of Oyo state.

Little is known about Bukunmi’s early life, but the famous TV host once said that she grew up in a God-fearing Christian family. The fashion guru also stated that her parents were excellent disciplinarians who instilled honesty, diligence, and piety in her while she was growing up.

Kie Kie Education

Bukunmi completed her academic journey in Ibadan, where she received both her basic and secondary education. Afterwards, Kie Kie studied Mass Communication at Bowen University and earned her degree from the school. After receiving her degree, she left for London whereupon obtaining a Master’s degree in Marketing from the London School of Business.


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Kie Kie Career

Kie Kie started Her Career in 2015 as a Fashion Show Host. Bukunmi’s passion for fashion is unmatched. It’s unclear what originally sparked her interest or when she first realized she loved fashion, but one thing is certain: she knows how to make anyone look their best.

After studying Tailoring, Couture, and Pattern in school, Bukunmi returned to Nigeria to start her career in 2015. She began her career as a TV host and producer for Goldmyn TV’s fashion show.

She is also well-known presenter on ONTV where she discusses issues related to fashion and its trends. These two jobs definitely put her on the map and helped her unlock other potential opportunities.

KieKie’s content gained popularity for being both entertaining and educational, leading to a growth in the media market. Frequent posts of her stylishly designed dresses also had an influential impact on her millions of followers’ fashion sense.

Not only is she a social media star, but Damilola Adekoya is also the creative mastermind behind Accost Collections – a female-focused fashion brand that deals in everything from everyday wear to bridal gowns. She’s even worked with other top comedians, like Brother Shaggy and Bimbo Adeyemo, on some of her most popular skits.

Kie Kie Husband

Kie Kie got married to her husband, Mr. Ilori, in January 2020 after keeping their relationship relatively private up until that point. Bukunmi is a public person when it comes to her social life and career but reserves more privacy for her personal life, leading many to wonder if she is actually married or not.

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