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Is Kristi Raik Married: Wikipedia

Talsinki politician Kristi Raik was previously an Acting Programme Director and Senior Research Fellow at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs in Helsinki. For the past four years, Kristi Raik has served as director of the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute at ICDS. She also teaches at the University of Turku as an Adjunct Professor. Until January 2011, Kristi Raik worked as a desk officer for Ukraine and Moldova at the Council of the European Union.

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Kristi Raik Wikipedia

The Wikipedia page for Kristi Raik does not currently include her life story or career achievements. Her most notable role at ICDS is as director of the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute. Based on Raik’s outer appearance, she might be 49 years old by 2022. In 1996, she graduated from the University of Gothenburg and then went on to study at the University of Aberdeen.

A native of Talsinki, Finland, she grew up in Helsinki. The names of her parents are not known at this time. She is fluent in Estonian and Finnish. Her most notable role at ICDS is as director of the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute. Kristi Raik began her career as a research fellow at European Foreign and Security Policy Studies for one year and nine months. In February 2018, she joined the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute of ICDS. As a Ph.D. with M.Soc.Sc. and Political Science, Kristi Raik served as activities and societies coordinator for P-klubi YK-yhdistys at Turun Ylipisto – University of Turku.

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Is Kristi Raik Married?

Raik prefers not to disclose personal details about her marriage, husband, and children to the public. At this point in her life, she must, however, be married. The media hasn’t reported anything about her husband so far.

Kristi Raik Net Worth

As an Estonian Foreign Policy Institute of ICDS employee, Kristi Raik has an estimated net worth of approximately $3 million. With her career accomplishments and history, she deserves a remarkable net income. Besides her publications on European security and foreign policy, she has also contributed widely to these fields. Prior to his current role, Raik was a member of the Council of the European Union’s General Secretariat in Brussels.

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