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Who Is Louis Gumpenberger: Victim Of Pam Hupp

Louis Gumpenberger, the victim of Pam Hupp, was murdered in 2016. However, his family members have gone through great sorrow as a result of his death. Not only did they lose a family member, but they were also left with many unanswered questions.Now, the family members of Louis Gumpenberger are speaking out and demanding answers from Pam Hupp.

They want to know why she killed him and what her motive was. Additionally, they want to know what happened to Louis’ life insurance money that was supposed to go to his son.The family members of Louis Gumpenberger deserve answers. Pam Hupp must be held accountable for her actions. She cannot be allowed to get away with murder. Who Is Louis Gumpenberger: Victim Of Pam Hupp.

Louis Gumpenberger Death

Pam Hupp began seeking for her next victim, trying to imprison Russ once and for all, several months after Russ Faria was cleared. She had planned another murder and contacted Carol Alford, who was dating Russ at the time. But it didn’t go as planned. However, Louis Gumpenberger lost his life a week later. Louis died on 16 August 2016.

Louis was enticed to her house by posing as a Dateline producer wanting assistance with a scene. She proposed paying him to re-enact 911 calls and give the impression that they were from Russ. Louis was killed by Pam, who said it was Russ’s order to do so. In return for a $10,000 reward, the murderer demanded that Hupp be kidnapped. A note with instructions to “kidnap Hupp, get Russ’s money from her bank, and kill Hupp” was discovered on his body, as well as a demand for $900.

In June 2019, Pam Gumpenberger was charged with murder by the prosecutor for St. Charles County, Tim Lohmar. She is on trial for Gumpenberger’s murder in June 2019. In March 2019, she filed an Alford plea, which means she acknowledged that there was enough evidence to charge her with Gumpenberger’s murder but did not plead guilty. Lohmar agreed to accept a life sentence in exchange for relinquishing the death penalty after that.

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Louis Gumpenberger Wife

Louis Gumpenberger had two children at the time of his death. Trevelyan Lloyd Gumpenberger is at least 15 years old and is Louis’ son. Trevelyan was severely affected by his father’s passing. Louis’ mother explained that Trevelyan still has nightmares.

She said, “He’s afraid to go to school or spend the night with a friend because he’s afraid when he gets home I won’t be there anymore.” There is no information on Trevelyan’s mother, but she was Candie Herndon’s sister and Tammy Herndon’s daughter, according to the Facebook activities.


Desi Rae Wilmsmeyer was the name of Louis’ daughter. According to Facebook, Desi moved to O’Fallon, Missouri in April 2020. Desi is Marcy Marie Wilmsmeyer’s kid. On August 12, 2011, Desi’s maternal grandmother Darlene Josephine Wilmsmeyer died, and on August 19, 2013, her paternal grandfather Donald W. Wilmsmeyer passed away as well. We believe that Louis was single at the time of his death, since his wife was not mentioned in his obituary. Alternatively, he may have never married.

Louis Gumpenberger Disability

Louis Gumpenberger, a child with disabilities, was injured in a vehicle accident in 2005 and suffered traumatic brain damage. After staging a home invasion, Pam took advantage of his disability and ended his life. Almost two years after Louis’ death, his mother Margaret Burch said that her life was “ruined” and a “mess.” She stated, “My life has been hell. I think about my son every day.”

Finally, Margaret felt that Pam’s cash would be utilized to pay off the family’s debt. She remarked, “Louis tried to look after his family when he died.” Margaret was given a $3 million verdict in her wrongful death case in July 2020. She stated during the hearing that Louis’s son resembles him and “misses that Daddy can’t spoil him anymore.”

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