Man at Gym Throws Weight Ball at Woman While She’s Working Out


Bullies can grow up to be capable of some truly terrible things if they are not challenged or confronted throughout their entire lives. There are many kinds of bullies, each with its own set of behaviors and characteristics. You’ll find the type that will try to “nice bully” you by being sycophantic and overly complimentary, a Joker-like fake grin plastered on their face as they shower you with flattery while slipping in a few selfish demands in an attempt to get something from you.

When we were children, that sort of bullying took on a more in-your-face kind of tone. Perhaps someone will chase you down to give you a noogie or throw dirt in your hair. If you did something like that as an adult, you’d almost certainly be charged with assault, and we’d want to think that if it occurred in public that people would go out of their way to try and assist you or put an end to the bully’s behavior. Man at Gym Throws Weight Ball at Woman While She’s Working Out.

Man at Gym Throws Weight Ball at Woman

TikToker Lexi Moore, who goes by the name Armaniliex, claims that while she was working out at an Eos gym in Phoenix, Arizona on April 27, 2022, a guy approached her and tried to push her out of a particular spot where she was exercising. She added the following text over the video: “When a guy at the gym tries to bully you out of your workout space so he can be there first before throwing a weighted ball in your direction to force you to move …all before 5am.”

In a recent TikTok video, Lexi shows the man being detained by police officers in the initial TikTok clip and discussed the issue more in an expanded TikTok post on MSN. Phoenix Police claimed that the cops seen in the footage are from another jurisdiction and have “no knowledge regarding these videos.”

To make things worse, the guy had moved her workout gear out of his path while walking and when asked to leave the gym from a worker, he just ignored the request. Lexi shared that a manager from the Eos gym informed her the individual in question was not only excluded from that location, but all other Eos gyms as well.

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Gym Throws Weight Ball at Woman While She’s Working Out

If you enjoy reading about “it’s a small world” situations, there was a TikToker in the comments section of one of Lexi’s videos who goes by the handle Dr Protein Man. He claims that he too frequents the same gym and is fully aware of the difficulties this individual has caused on prior occasions. Many women, even fitness celebrities, spend a significant amount of time at their local gyms and have previously been subjected to harassment from other customers. Long-term gazes/stares to brief conversations to blatant threats are all examples of interactions.

Some people have claimed that despite Lexi’s assurance that the gym manager had contacted her to let her know she is welcome back, some people were concerned for the woman’s safety. Others thought that since the guy who hurled a weighted ball at her previously exhibited violent/irrational behavior, he might return for “vengeance.”

Have you ever had a situation while working out that has been close to violent? Do you avoid using public gyms because you’re worried about having one of these events? Or do you pay for more expensive gym visits in the hopes of working out with smaller groups/crowds, in order to try and prevent them?

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